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Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots.
Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots.

The gear associated with adventure motorcycling must be up to many perils, including heat, rain, creek crossings, dust and the occasional, but always a threat, “get off.” Enter the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boot.

Sidi is well known for boots that offer different levels of protection as well as comfort and style. An adventure boot must protect, be at least water resistant and have solid grip for riding and walking. It must also have a modicum of style. The Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boot meets all of these requirements.

The Adventure 2 boots are a tight fit over my size 11 foot and even more difficult to slide off. Fortunately for most of us, that only has to happen once a day. The sole has an aggressive “waffle stomper” look that provides very good grip in loose conditions.

They are quite comfortable for long rides, but have a tendency to put pressure on the front of the shin after walking much distance. Granted these are not hiking boots, but a bit of padding on the inside of the shin would be helpful. Even with tall motocross-style socks, they were still uncomfortable after a few yards of walking.

The boots are waterproof and offer a fairly high gaiter inside the boot upper that extends to nearly the top of the boot. I had the opportunity to test the waterproofness of the boot on a recent ride to Death Valley.

While at Badwater Basin, it decided to rain…and not just a little, a rarity for that area. It made the ride through Artist’s Palette very interesting. The Sidi boots were, as promised, waterproof.

While normal waterproofing also means “air proofing” the Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots were not overly warm when riding through 100-degree temperatures. I’ve had other waterproof boots that simply turned into ovens when the temperatures rise above the century mark.

One added feature is the easy removal and replaceability of many of the components. This should ensure many years’ worth of riding protection.

When new, the boots are fairly stiff even after wearing them for a few months of walking and riding. The ankle and Achilles tendon area of the boot is covered with fairly thick plastic, with a metal-pinned joint that restricts some movement but still allows for ease of walking.

The boots are stylish enough to also be worn on my cruiser due to the craftsmanship and functionality. The two buckles are easily operated with adventure-style gloves and the upper portion of the boot offers a large hook-and-loop patch to adjust the calf area.

Overall, the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots are an excellent pair of foot companions that should last for many riding seasons. They are available in European sizes 41-48, in brown or black, for $495.

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