Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2018-2019 Schedule

Progressive International Motorcycle Show
Image copyright and courtesy of the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows®. Photograph by Manny Pandya.

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) has released its 2018-2019 show season schedule, with stops in seven leading motorcycle markets nationwide.

New Rider Initiative at This Year’s IMS Events: Discover the Ride

The tour dates and cities are:

  • Long Beach, CA: November 16-18, 2018, Long Beach Convention Center
  • New York, NY: November 30 – December 2, 2018, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
  • Dallas, TX: January 4-6, 2019, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center NEW DATE
  • Cleveland, OH: January 25-27, 2019, I-X Center
  • Minneapolis, MN: February 1-3, 2019, Minneapolis Convention Center NEW DATE
  • Washington D.C.: February 8-10, 2019, Walter E. Washington Convention Center NEW DATE
  • Chicago, IL: February 15-17, 2019, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center NEW DATE

In addition to displays of the latest models from the major manufacturers, the IMS will feature:

Shift and Adventure Out! retail spaces
Shift, designed for the rider interested in products that are functional and high performance with an emphasis on design and style, will feature a highly curated selection of brands, immersive activations and entertainment including tastings, craft artisans and do-it-yourself customizations. REV’IT will return to Shift again this year, featuring protective motorcycle gear that combines performance and style.

Adventure Out!, created for attendees to learn, explore and share the adventure of life on two wheels, will host more robust content with an expanded lineup of speakers, favorite rides and destinations, well-known travelers, product specialists, exhibitors and sponsors.

NEW! DIY programs and experts in the Marketplace area
The new content will include tech talks, how-to programs for doing your own maintenance and customizing your bike, winterizing and product-use training.

Tickets for the 2018-2019 Progressive International Motorcycle Show are on sale now. For more information, visit

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  1. IMS continues to leave the Pacific Northwest (Seattle or Portland) out. A disservice to a large group of northwest riders. Progressive should rethink their sponsorship of this event.

    • Agreed completely. I am a vendor for Long Beach, NYC, and Chicago and one of the main problem to a number of many others is that this show is coordinated by non motorcyclist and does not understand the industry as a whole. IMS is a tradeshow company that cannot speak moto.

    • I am so disappointed. I should have gone to Vancouver BC canada for there show in january. Come on progressive use your financial muscle and get this show up to Portland. Huge bike community lives here.

    • We ride most. Our season is all year long. We dont stop. 50f is perfect. and the sho w goes to MN? LOL not saying its not a good market but come on.

      • Minnesota & surrounding states have many rides too ! We just don’t ride all year because of the climate. If it gets to 50 f in February you will see bikes riding around.

  2. Ditto for the Bay Area, huge bike community having to go without or drive 4-500 miles.
    Progressive…what say you?

  3. Washington DC is the closest it comes to the South East!
    Also wish a Renfro Show would come to the North Carolina Area – The Boat, Sport, Travel and Motorcycle Show in Indianapolis was awesome, and one of the few worth attending.

  4. Why not a show in Florida? We ride year round and put a lot of miles on our bikes. Orlando or Daytona would draw a lot of people.

    • Rob Brock,

      Why not a show in Florida? We ride year round and put a lot of miles on our bikes. Orlando or Daytona would draw a lot of people.

      Uhhh, DAYTONA. Y’all already have a “show”.

  5. Again, no visit to the SouthEast but the upper mid-west gets three visits. Do they really spend more on motorcycles in those areas than the year round riding in the SE.

  6. This was a real fun event back in the 90’s. It has gotten progressively smaller over the years and now is so spread out why bother. The last time it was in Portland it was just 2 rooms and cost $15 plus parking.

    • Greenville ,SC would be a great choice being some of the best mountain roads to ride in the country. Blueridge parkway, tail of the dragon , cherahola skyway, on on. Many roads to explore.

  7. Several years ago IMS also hosted a show in St. Louis, MO. For some reason that one was dropped. Now there is NO show in the Midwest/Midsouth/Deepsouth. Sure would be nice to attend one of these without having to book a flight…

  8. California and Florida are 1 and 2 in ridership. They need to bring back a Northern CA stop, and try one in Jacksonville which would cover the southeast.
    And I wouldn’t mind stops in Seattle, Portland and Denver for folks like Wayne and Marc who posted here.

  9. ONE, count ’em ONE city on the West Coast. Wow. If I were insured through Progressive I’d have to reconsider but I’m not, as I’ve never found them to be competitively priced.

  10. The entire Southeast is also left out.
    Actually, looks like it’s only the really far-left leaning areas of the country getting the show.

    • I moved from Dallas where I have attended for many years. I’m not in the Tucson area and would love to see a show in Phoenix.

  11. The should really think about Chatsworth, Illinois. Rosemont is 80 miles away.
    Chatsworth has a lot to offer, Casey’s, 2 restaurants, 2 fine bars and Dollar General.
    They would have to do the show under some very large tents, but I’m sure all
    1200 residents would come out. Let’s not to forget the surrounding communities.

  12. I remember when it used to come to San Mateo CA. Now my only option is 6 hours away in Long Beach. I lived in Vegas for 10 years so would go to Long Beach for the weekend but that was a 4 hour ride. No thanks on the 6 hour ride now that I’m back in the Bay Area and am unable to get away for the weekend. Your loss Progressive. And your vendors’ loss, as I ALWAYS bought a ton.

  13. Living in the northeast where dirt biking and AtV s still have a good presence you would think Boston would be on the list, …. and no NYC doesn’t cut it for one HUGE reason, they moved it to December before Christmas were hotel rooms are outrageous… KTM didn’t even bother this year because lets face it off road in 75% of their business and who rides a off road bike there in New York

  14. The International Motorcycle Show used to be in Daytona during Bike Week many years ago and a lot of other locations as well. It seems It’s really dwindled down over the years, and its not even worth planning a trip to go see to there show any more. Basically they’ve failed us.

  15. Harley Davidson will not be at the Minneapolis, MN show this year. What a joke, I was looking forward to the Motor Company being there. Sounds like the local dealerships are going to pick up the slack. I will not be going. I can go to a dealership anytime I want for free.

  16. Here in Cleveland the show has been a disappointment for a number of years. Paying to see bikes that you can see for free in any show room doesn’t seem worth it. There hasn’t been many if any after market stands. You are basically paying for the beef jerky stand, sketchy cleaning products and some other BS that has nothing to do with motorcycles. Real enthusiasts wait for the Piston Power show.


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