Kawasaki Teases New Supercharged Sport Tourer

Kawasaki has released another teaser video, this one hinting at an upcoming supercharged sport touring bike. We’re guessing it will be the same balanced supercharged concept that made it into the Ninja H2 superbike, but Kawasaki’s press release does specify that it will “create even greater low- to mid-range pulling power,” “superior fuel economy” and “an overall feeling directed towards the sport touring market.”

All we’re thinking is, when can we take it for a ride??

You can check out the teaser video here:


  1. You have to laugh at some of these press releases ‘An overall feeling directed towards the sports touring market’ 🙂 Makes me think they were written in Japanese then translated! I am excited to see what the bike is all about though! Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Hopefully Kawasaki had learned 2 things.
    1. How to produce an electronic cruise control.
    2. ALL Sport Touring bikes MUST have electronic cruise control.
    It inexcusable that Kawasaki has produced the Connie for so long without cruise.


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