HeliBars Bar Risers for BMW K 1600 B Bagger | Review


HeliBars Risers
The HeliBars risers for the BMW K 1600 B raise the handlebar 1 inch and move it back 1 1/4 inch.

BMW’s new K 1600 B “Bagger” is a 770-pound, 6-cylinder giant of a motorcycle with enough horsepower and torque to brighten anyone’s day, and its low center of gravity and wide 30.7-inch seat height (29.5 with the optional low seat) make it unusually approachable for riders of average and smaller size. (Read our full Road Test Review here.) The bike also has a braced tubular handlebar that can be rotated in the clamps to adjust the height of the grips, so along with the optional cruising floorboards the big Bagger can be set up for ample comfort. The only hitch is that the bike’s handlebar—while perfect for taller riders—is positioned a little too far forward for those of us with average and shorter arm lengths to go along with our middling heights. This means that at 5 feet, 10 inches, with a 31-inch sleeve, I have to slide forward onto the narrower, less comfortable portion of the stock seat to maintain an upright riding position, which (if I understand correctly) is required by law while riding a bagger-type motorcycle.

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In any event, having scooted backward many times to see what I am missing, I would much prefer to post my posterior on the widest, most supportive rear portion of the seat for long rides, and only slide forward when necessary to reach the instrument panel or ease getting my feet down at stops.

HeliBars Risers
The bar risers are color-matched and powerdercoated for good looks and durability.

Helibars recognized this dilemma and quickly knocked-out a simple yet high-quality set of color-matched, powdercoated bar risers for the K 1600 B that retail for just $89. They install between the factory handlebar risers and the top triple clamp in about 10 minutes using T45 and T50 Torx bits, an 8mm hex bit and a torque wrench. All of the original cables and hydraulic lines are retained and don’t even need to be removed—you just remove the handlebar top clamp, set the handlebar on some towels on top of the tank and pop the HeliBar risers in under the factory risers. Then the bar and clamp go back on, and you adjust to the height of your liking. The HeliBars risers only move the bar rearward 1 1/4 inch and raise it 1 inch—more would mean new cables and lines—but it feels like a lot more, enough to straighten my back up and let me slide back into the happy zone on the seat. The rise also lets me relax my arms and shoulders into a more natural position as well.

HeliBars Tour Performance Bar Risers for the BMW K 1600 B Bagger come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Since installation/removal is so easy, you’ve really got nothing to lose by giving them a try.

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