CSC Announces 2017 Destinations Deal Tour

CSC destinations deal tour
CSC riders en route to the Grand Canyon. Photo courtesy of CSC Motorcycles.

CSC Motorcycles announced its 2017 Destinations Deal Tour, scheduled for October 22-27.  The tour is open to anyone with a CSC RX3 motorcycle, and CSC is offering special incentives on the purchase of a new RX3 for those who wish to participate. Riders have to pay their own expenses as they are incurred (hotels, meals, and fuel), but there are no other fees.

CSC Motorcycles has led several tours through the United States and Mexico as a key component of its marketing strategy. These have included the 5,000-mile Western America Adventure Ride (described in “5000 Miles At 8000 RPM,” a book available directly from CSC Motorcycles and Amazon), several tours through Baja and the company’s monthly rides in southern California.

“We don’t charge anything for participating on any of our tours,” said Steve Seidner, President and CEO of CSC Motorcycles. “We did our first Baja ride in 2015, with 15 customers primarily as a means of showcasing the RX3’s reliability. To our surprise, as soon as we announced plans for the 2015 ride, we found that many people were buying RX3s just so they could ride with us. Our adventure rides have become a key part of our marketing strategy and they fit well with our mission. We like to think that we aren’t just selling great motorcycles; we’re selling the adventure riding experience. A lot of people want to go on these kinds of rides, and we make it easy for them to ride with us.”

The CSC Destinations Deal Tour includes Laughlin, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, the ExtraTerrestrial Highway and Death Valley. The route for the 6-day ride includes California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

For further information, please contact CSC Motorcycles at 909-445-0900 or at


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