Favorite Rides & Destinations #4 is Live!

Favorite Rides and Destinations #4 coverFavorite Rides & Destinations is an online motorcycle touring and adventure magazine from the editors of Rider. It includes the best of Rider’s touring features and Favorite Ride stories, along with inspiring photography, reviews of useful products and expert tips to help you have memorable touring experiences.

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Favorite Rides and Destinations #4 Epic RideHighlights from Favorite Rides & Destinations #4

14 Motorcycle Camping Gear Essentials

6 Photos of Rides You Shouldn’t Miss

God’s Bridge
Riding the Cascades of southern Washington.

The Real South Carolina
Once around the Palmetto State.

In the Eye of the Beholder
Off the beaten path in Death Valley National Park.

This Close to Nothing
The Ultimate Alps: Everything, all the time.

Rustic, Rolling Back Roads
Riding Pennsylvania’s northeast corner.

Natural Natchez
Two great days riding the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Paradise Found
Yellowstone to Glacier on Montana Highway 89.

Crossing Iowa
Taking the old Lincoln Highway across the Hawkeye State.



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