New American Motorcycle Company to Debut at NYC Motorcycle Show

Vanguard Roadster (prototype, slated for 2018 production).
Vanguard Roadster (prototype, slated for 2018 production).

A new American-built motorcycle company will make its debut at the New York City Progressive International Motorcycle Show, December 9-11. Brooklyn-based Vanguard will be showing a running prototype of its first model, the Roadster, in its world premier.

If BMW’s Vision Next concept bike was just a bit too futuristic for you, try the Vanguard Roadster on for size. There’s no arguing that it has a unique look, but there are familiar elements as well as some forward-thinking but realistic features, such as a “frameless structural engine,” unitized crankcase, integrated exhaust and a tablet-sized digital dashboard with rear-view camera. And you’ll have an opportunity to actually see and/or ride one in your lifetime, with Vanguard saying the Roadster will go into production for 2018.

The Vanguard Roadster (front and rear view).
The Vanguard Roadster (front and rear view).

The Roadster is the first of three motorcycles that Vanguard plans to produce on a common powertrain platform, to be followed by the Cruiser and Racer. It will be assembled in Brooklyn, New York, at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It features modular construction based on large sub-assemblies, and appears to use components from familiar manufacturers like Brembo and Öhlins.

If the Roadster reminds you of another high-end American motorcycle company, there’s good reason. Former Confederate Motorcycles chief designer Edward Jones and Director Francois-Xavier Terny are heading up Vanguard.

The Roadster is positioned as a premium motorcycle, yet Vanguard says they intend to keep it “within reach,” with a price tag starting at $29,995.

You can see the new Vanguard Roadster at the New York International Motorcycle Show, December 9-11. For tickets, click here.


  1. How about thinking outside the box, and design something that appeals to the public. Good luck with this one, you’re going to need it.

    • Not bad weight wise, better looking (to me) than any other “v twin” powered bike I’ve ever seen.
      Tire sizes look to be a styling choice instead of a handling choice, so, unfortunately, I’m sure the rest of the bike is the same, resulting in my total disinterest, just like yourself, only for different reasons… So yes, if it doesn’t speak to the typical cruiser owner, and doesn’t have the performance/handling for those who are NOT interested in the looks of a v twin, is not gonna be much of a winner.

  2. “Vanguard says they intend to keep it “within reach,” with a price tag starting at $29,995.”: I guess they aren’t trying to keep it “within reach” of anyone I know…


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