ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Formula Review

ACF-50_10013If you live in an area near bodies of fresh or salt water, or that regularly experience high humidity, snow or rain, and you own and ride motorcycles that have parts prone to corrosion, well, I suggest you move. Kidding, of course. No matter where you keep your bike it can fall victim to corrosion, particularly if you have to park it outside. Heck, even in drought-stricken California, those of us who live near the ocean have to regularly wash off the film of salt water mist that will rust chrome, corrode metal and kill electrical connections practically overnight.

Corrosion is an even more serious problem in the aircraft industry, where planes are exposed to extreme weather and temperature variations. Lear Chemical Research developed ACF-50 to protect aircraft and their electrical systems from corrosion, so as you might imagine this anti-corrosion formula works quite well on motorcycles. Whether you spray on the thin clear fluid or wipe it on with a rag, Lear says ACF-50’s polar bonding technology forms a non-greasy “hydrophobic” film on the metal surface, neutralizing existing corrosion and road salt and removing and repelling moisture. It’s safe on chrome, paint and plastic, and electrical components like multi-pin plugs, handlebar controls and switches can benefit from a light treatment. Its chemistry protects engine cases and cooling fins, radiators and forks, and its capillary action gets into places where waxes can’t, penetrating around bolts, screws and other hardware, protecting them from galvanic corrosion. It even works pretty well as a light-duty lubricant for locks and latches and such, and is better for corrosion protection on your bike than something like WD-40, which is solvent based.

Lacking a motorcycle that I was willing to allow parts of to corrode and rust for a test, I dug out a blade for my table saw, wiped the lower half with ACF-50 and leaned it up against the fence around my lawn, exposing it to the night air, sprinklers and moisture from the grass. After 10 weeks the back and top half had a thick patina of rust, but the ACF-50 coated area was still pristine. Now I have started using ACF-50 on the bolt heads, engine cases and engine guards on my most-ridden bike, and I have also used it on battery terminals, our bicycles and the lawnmower with equally good results. One application is good for 6-12 months, and you can apply it anywhere except brake rotors, tires, natural rubber or LCD/LED screens. Powersports vehicles like ATVs and snowmobiles that are regularly ridden in wet or muddy conditions stand to benefit from ACF-50 even more, and Lear offers Corrosion Block spray and grease for more extreme needs (like boats and PWCs).

Lear also has larger pump packaging, but I find for home use that the 13-ounce aerosol can is plenty. The can is 95-percent product, with little propellant, so you have to give it a good shake and make sure the can is warm (let it sit in some warm water, for example) before spraying, or it will come out in a stream instead of a spray. It retails for $14.95.

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  1. This must be a real old article because I see this costs $30.00 a can now. Might be good but it is not that good !!


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