Zero to Provide Discounts for Military, First Responders, Riding Instructors & Student Riders

2016 Zero Motorcycles lineup. (Photos: Zero)
2016 Zero Motorcycles lineup. (Photos: Zero)

Zero Motorcycles wants more people to experience the fun and freedom of motorcycling, so they’re offering up to $500 off the price of a new Zero for student riders, riding school instructors, members of the military and first responders. These riders can experience the power, simplicity and savings of a Zero, while receiving $500 off a Zero S, Zero DS, Zero SR or Zero DSR; or $250 off a Zero FX or Zero FXS at the time of purchase.

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While Zeros are high-performance motorcycles, they’re also ideal for riders who have little or no experience. All Zeros are direct drive (no clutch or gears), which means new motorcyclists can focus on the ride. They also have the option of customizing the riding experience via a free app—for instance, by reducing acceleration when first learning to ride.

Zeros are great vehicles for instructors trying to impart important safety skills without the added complications of noise, shifting or clutch work. Once instructors experience the many benefits of a Zero motorcycle, they may want to own one themselves, thanks to this new discount.

First responders in more than 80 police and parks departments across the U.S. are already using Zero motorcycles and have experienced the benefits of electric. Now, thanks to Zero’s new Recognition Program, officers can enjoy all these benefits “outside the office,” while getting a discount.

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2016 Zero S
2016 Zero S

“Zero motorcycles offer ease of riding, quietness in urban environments and almost zero maintenance,” says San Jose State University police officer Paul Marshall. “They’re environmentally friendly but capable of the same job as fossil fuel motorcycles. All you need to do is make sure your tires are aired up, batteries charged, and off you go!

According to Mike Cunningham, Zero’s Director of Sales, the discounts are “Our way of saying ‘thanks’ for growing our sport, and for serving our country and our communities. We hope it means more people will get to enjoy the benefits of a Zero electric motorcycle.”

On top of these savings, all riders can save 10% with a Federal tax credit. Certain states offer additional incentives.

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  1. Hey, how about a discount for crusty ol’farts who may not live long enough to ride one of these bikes? In all seriousness, as a long-distance biker for over almost fifty years I’d love to give this technology a shot, but the cost – given the return on “investment” is still too high. I really do hope Zero (and similar bikes) become more accessible very soon . . .


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