SPOT Devices 50% Off for Father’s Day

SPOT Gen3 GPS messenger and tracker
SPOT Gen3 GPS messenger and tracker

Just in time for Father’s Day and for a limited time, SPOT is offering its life-saving technology for 50% off. Dads who love to spend time motorcycling, hunting, fishing, hiking or anything outdoors—activities that often take them beyond cellular coverage—can get lost when they want to and, should the unexpected occur, found when they need to. Since SPOT’s inception in 2007, the technology has helped to initiate over 4,000 rescues worldwide. In 2015, over 55% of annual rescues occurred during the summer months when folks are itching to get off-the-grid, even if only for a day.

Adventurous dads can use SPOT’s cool features like check ins, tracking, custom messages or, if needed, S.O.S. to reach emergency responders, all while those back home can rest assured that the adventure lover in their life is equipped to stay in touch. So let 2016 be the year you encourage him to go on two-wheeled or other adventures, as long as he’s equipped with a SPOT Gen3.

Long Haul Paul, an avid motorcycle enthusiast who is also married and a father of three recently stated, “My SPOT tracker doubles as a marriage saving device.” Now suffering from memory issues, “it has helped keep my wife from worrying for hours on end when I forget to call her after a 1,200-mile trip that day.”

SPOT Trace theft-alert vehicle tracker
SPOT Trace theft-alert vehicle tracker

Michael Herrera, SPOT’s 4,000th rescuee and a retired Houston firefighter, was off-roading in Alabama on his dual-sport bike when he took a hard fall. Within 40 minutes of the S.O.S. activation, an ATV and an ambulance were onsite. At the hospital, it was determined that he had suffered a broken collarbone, three broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung. “Until my accident, I’d only used my SPOT for tracking so my wife could be aware of my location when riding off-road. It was gratifying to know that my SPOT delivered on its promise when I needed SAR [search-and-rescue] services,” says Herrera. He also expressed his gratitude to the SAR teams involved in his rescue, “thank you for your service and your quick response.”

His wife said, “I thought there was a mistake … because he’s a really good rider. It was a relief to know help was on the way.”

Dads might also appreciate the newest addition to the SPOT family, SPOT Trace, a tracking device which is already helping tens of thousands of customers to keep tabs on their valuable assets—motorcycles, ATVs, cars, boats and RVs. In the early morning hours, Jonathan Eversole had his 2007 Suzuki motorcycle stolen right out of his driveway; Trace, also currently 50% off, helped him get it back.

SPOT Global Phone
SPOT Global Phone

And finally, for those who want the most direct form of communication beyond cellular, the SPOT Global Phone gives adventurers the ability to make and receive calls or emails. Dave Carraro, Wicked Tuna competitor, relies on this technology and comments, “Not only do I use my sat phone to help me locate and catch massive tunas or help boaters in distress, but I need it to call back home. I feel like it’s crucial to have the ability to stay in touch with loved ones when out on the water so everyone has peace of mind while I continue to live my dream.”

This Father’s Day, give him the gift of high-tech connectivity so he can have fun and his loved ones can rest easy. For a limited time this summer, SPOT will be HALF OFF (after mail-in rebate; annual subscription required). For more information, visit

To view SPOT’s coverage maps, please visit SPOT products are available at retailers nationwide such as West Marine, REI, Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. For a complete list of retailers carrying SPOT products, visit


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