Gear Up Every Ride For a Chance to Win Premium Riding Gear

Gear Up Every Ride rolls out May 1 with an online photo contest featuring over $15,000 in moto prizes and growing.
Gear Up Every Ride rolls out May 1 with an online photo contest featuring over $15,000 in moto prizes and growing.

Starting May 1, and ending June 1, 2016, the Motorcycle Industry Council’s Gear Up Every Ride initiative will be giving away daily prizes and one Grand Prize to riders who demonstrate their commitment to wearing proper protective gear.

Daily prizes will include everything from premium gloves and boots to on- and off-road helmets, leather and textile jackets, and even full riding suits. A Grand Prize, to be awarded June 1, will feature a complete set of gear – jacket, pants, boots, gloves and helmet – courtesy of BMW Motorrad USA and Schuberth Helmets. The initial round of prizes includes gear from such premium brands as Aerostich, Answer Racing, Bates Footwear, Bell Helmets, Black Brand, BMW Motorrad USA, Cycle World, Dainese, Firstgear, Held, HJC, Joe Rocket, Klim, MSR, Nelson Rigg, Rever, REV’IT, Revzilla, Schuberth, Scorpion Sports, SPIDI, Taichi, Tour Master and more.


The Gear Up Every Ride initiative promotes the benefits of wearing protective gear as part of a responsible riding lifestyle, while preserving the independent spirit and fun of motorcycling. The initiative, sponsored by the Rider Safety and Aftermarket Committees of the Motorcycle Industry Council, advocates “gearing up to ride” in part by showcasing the advances in protection, design, styling and comfort of today’s helmets, jackets, pants, footwear, eyewear and other gear.
“The new Gear Up campaign wants to encourage all riders to wear more riding gear and of better quality.  It’s not just to look good, but to be more comfortable and safer,” said Eric Anderson, chair of MIC’s Rider Safety Committee. “Better riding gear offers more comfort–and lessens distraction–when facing varying riding conditions like rain, heat, insects, dirt, wind and cold.  Plus, it adds protection in the event of a crash. Development of modern riding gear far exceeds what it was just 5 years ago, so be sure to invest in yourself and the quality of your next ride.”
To enter the Gear Up Every Ride photo contest, entrants can simply follow Gear up Every Ride on Instagram and/or “like” them on Facebook, then take a photo of themselves and/or their friends wearing proper motorcycling protective gear and either 1) post it to their Instagram page and tag it with #gearupeveryride, or 2) post their photo to the Gear Up Every Ride Facebook page. Then, encourage friends to vote for the photos by “liking” the image on Facebook or clicking on the “heart” icon on Instagram. Multiple entries are accepted, however, all images must be unique. One winner will be chosen daily by the Gear Up Every Ride judging team. All entrants will be eligible for the Grand Prize. For the complete rules, click here. The contest is open to U.S. residents only.


  1. It’s a shame you don’t have a means of entering the contest for old folks like me who ALWAYS gears up (sometimes to the point of excess – but it has saved my butt) and HATES instant social media.

    • An understandable opinion…but presumably the MIC is choosing to do it this way in order to appeal to the younger generation of riders, for whom gearing up is not necessarily a habit, or if they do, the protection aspect takes a back seat to looking good. We recommend snapping a picture of yourself fully decked out and posting it with a snappy comment about how you’re still around in your “advanced” age because you’ve always geared up. You never know, you might just win!


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