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A bridge blast from the past (1864)—the West Cornwell Covered Bridge, U.S. Route 7, Connecticut.
A bridge blast from the past (1864)—the West Cornwell Covered Bridge, U.S. Route 7, Connecticut.

You’ve heard about guided motorcycle tours in Italy, Africa and the Swiss Alps. But there are also many domestic touring companies right here in the United States will show you the very best roads and sights that America has to offer.

Why go on a guided tour? So you can enjoy the open road and take in the best sights without having to worry about where the next turn is or where you’ll sleep that night. And if you have problems with your motorcycle, fixing it is usually somebody else’s responsibility. You’ll also have a whole new group of friends with whom to enjoy dinner at the end of a day’s ride.

This is a listing of companies that run scheduled, guided motorcycle tours in the United States using rental motorcycles—either their own fleet or rented from a local source—and most have a chase vehicle along to carry your luggage and gear, and to deal with mechanical issues that may occur en route. Some companies also allow you to ride your own bike, but check for any restrictions. The information here is provided by the companies, and not guaranteed by Rider.

If you decide to schedule a guided tour, be sure to check the cancellation policy and consider trip cancellation insurance. And check the fine print of your medical insurance policy to make sure it covers you for a motorcycle riding vacation. Consider a medical evacuation policy as well. It can pay the extra costs needed to helicopter you out of a jam.

Other tips? Be sure to ask about the guides’ experience. Do they carry satellite phones in remote locations? Are there spare bikes available if one stops running? And finally, bring your camera and enjoy the tour!


Tours: Death Valley Adventure, LA to Vegas Tour, Where Car’s Don’t Dare, Sequoia Tour, Gold Rush Hub Tour, Tumbleweed Tour, Golden California Summer, Golden California Winter
Accommodations: 3- and 4-star hotels
Length of Tours: 3-11 days
Rental Options: BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda
Equipment: Support vehicle
Dates: Year-round
Typical Cost: 11-day Golden California Summer is $5,071 (double occupancy, rider on Honda Shadow)
Age Limit: Min. 21
Contact: AdMo-Tours, 1489 Highway 2, Wrightwood, CA 92397; (760) 249-1105;
* California offers great street riding summer or winter, says AdMo-Tours. Go for a winter tour and you will spend time in warm desert locations. Summer is the time for curvy mountain roads and beaches. AdMo-Tours also offers Adventure and Off-Road tours.

American Motorcycle Adventures

Tours: National Parks Tour, Arizona Bike Week, Laughlin River Run, Sturgis, Bikes Blues and BBQ Rally, Colorado Hot Springs Tour, Colorado Suds and Buds Tour, Build Your Own
Accommodations: Varies—Resort, hotels, tent camping, etc.
Length of Tours: 5-14 days
Rental Option: Victory
Equipment: Support vehicle
Dates: April-October
Typical Cost: Cost varies based on accommodations, ranges from $2,000-9,500
Age Limit: Min. 21 with valid motorcycle endorsement
Contact: 72 Timber Drive, Durango, CO 81303; (970) 903-0540; or
* Offering tours to accommodate any style. Whether you find comfort in 4- and 5-star hotels or rugged outdoor camping, American Motorcycle Adventures will ensure your stay is delightful. Its experienced team will guide you to your destination while providing the highest level of customer service. The American Motorcycle Adventures team has over 150,000 miles on the road. Its mission is to provide safe, adventurous travel on motorcycles while touring North America.

Ayres Adventures

Tours: Alaska/Yukon Adventure, Prudhoe Bay Excursion, Baja California and Copper Canyon Road Tour, Copper Canyon Off-Road
Accommodations: Lodges, hotels
Length of Tours: 9-14 days
Rental Options: Select BMW models
Equipment: Support vehicle
Dates: July-October
Typical Cost: 9-day tour from $5,950, 14-day from $7,850
Age Limit: Min. 21
Contact: P.O. Box 864018, Plano, TX 75086-4018; (877) 275-8238 or (972) 635-5210;
* Ayres Adventures offers premium tours of Alaska, as well as a new tours beginning in California and Arizona and traveling into Mexico’s Copper Canyon and Baja. Its adventures are led by the company’s own staff and are kept to small groups with dinners in the best local restaurants. The service includes a pre-trip booklet, The Plan Ahead, so you can start salivating in advance.

AZ Ride

Tours: Arizona Cowboy History Tour, Baja & Copper Canyon, El Diablo, Best of Baja
Accommodations: Historic hotels, quaint B&Bs and unique lodges
Length of Tours: 3-15 days
Rental Options: Select BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph and Suzuki models
Equipment: Chase vehicle
Dates: March-October
Typical Cost: Approx. $1,000 for 3-day tour with motorcycle; $4,850 for 10-day tour with motorcycle
Age Limit: Min. 21
Contact: 9419 E. San Salvador Drive #106, Scottsdale, AZ 85258; (888) 233-6371 or (480) 970-5530;
* AZ Ride offers tours from its base in Arizona, one of the best places to tour the company says, with a sparkling mix of nature and culture. The varieties of roads twist and turn from desert plains below sea level to forest-covered mountains, peaking above 10,000 feet.

The Mackinaw Bridge is an impressive bit of engineering that links Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas.
The Mackinaw Bridge is an impressive bit of engineering that links Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas.

Blue Strada Tours

Private Tours: Blue Ridge & Smoky Mountains, Carolina Low Country
Accommodations: First class hotels, resorts and lodges
Length of Tours: 2-9 days
Rental Options: Harley-Davidson
Optional Equipment: Chase van
Dates: April-November
Typical Cost: 2-day tour, $775 including motorcycle rental
Age Limit: Min. 25; 2 years and 8,000 miles experience required
Contact: P.O. Box 1336, Waxhaw, NC 28173; (704) 292-8801;
* Motorcycle industry veteran Bill Kniegge will lead you and your friends on a tour that takes in some of the most enjoyable roads and beautiful scenery in America. Come discover for yourselves why motorcyclists from all over the world are coming to North Carolina to ride the perfect, endless, twisty roads found in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. Or cruise the historic Carolina Low Country in early spring and fall.

California Motorcycle Tours

Tours: California Contrasts, Deserts & Parks, Northwest Lodges, Northwest Adventure, Peaks & Passes, Beach & Mountain, Best of California, Day Tripper, Mexico Madness
Accommodations: Bed-&-breakfast, hotel, lodges
Length of Tours: 3-13 days
Rental Options: Rental-agency Harley-Davidson
Equipment: Saddlebags, windscreen, maps, gas paid (no chase van—pack light)
Dates: April-October
Typical Cost: 7-day tour, $3,990; 10-day tour, $4,850; 13-day tour, $6,550 (passengers less)
Age Limit: Min. 21
Contact: 5838 Agee Street, San Diego, CA 92122; (888) 408-7631 or (858) 677-9892;
* With nine different tours ranging from 3-13 days, and with routes covering the Western USA, California Motorcycle Tours has something for everyone on two wheels. Most scheduled tours begin and end in San Diego and feature routes through the coastal mountains, the Mojave Desert or the Sierra Nevada. Each day’s ride includes mountain passes or desert canyons. Custom tours are also available.

California Sunriders

Tours: Blue Ridge Parkway, California Dreaming, Florida, Great Pacific Coast Highway, Mountains & Beaches, Rocky Mountain High, Route 66, Route 66 Long Way Down, Sturgis, Superbike Races, Wild Wild West Part 1 & 2
Accommodations: 3- and 4-star hotels
Length of Tours: 7-16 days
Rental Options: Harley-Davidson
Equipment: Support vehicle with spare motorcycle
Dates: Year-round
Typical Cost: 8-day Wild, Wild West Part 1 from $4,460, 15-day Route 66 Tour from $9,573
Age Limit: Min. 21, 1-year heavyweight motorcycle riding experience
Contact: 355 South Grand Avenue, Suite 2450, Los Angeles, CA 90071; (310) 359-2353;
* Ready for a lot of fun and the authentic Western experience? That, says California Sunriders, is what you’ll get on its tours of the West, which include unlimited mileage motorcycle rental, all entrance fees to state and national parks, and even a road book!

Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals

Tours: Northern California Tour—Edge of the West
Accommodations: Motels, bed & breakfasts
Length of Tours: 7 days
Rental Options: BMW, Ducati, Harley, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Triumph, Suzuki, Yamaha
Equipment: Support vehicle
Dates: April-November
Typical Cost: $3,995 including rental of Triumph Bonneville or Scrambler
Age Limit: None
Contact: 689A Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94107; (866) 495-2774 or (415) 495-2774;
* After more than 20 years of renting motorcycles, Dubbelju is in the motorcycle tour business with its seven-day Northern California Tour. After two decades, these guys know where they are going!


Tours: Wild West, Route 66, Canada and Yellowstone, Triple B—Blues, Bourbon, BBQ, Pacific Coast, Baja California (Northbound and Southbound), Baja Dual-Sport Adventure, Sturgis Bike Week, Florida Keys, Blue Ridge/Smoky Mountains, Las Vegas Red Rock Scooter, Coast to Coast—Atlantic to Pacific
Accommodations: Hotels
Length of Tours: 1-18 days
Rental Options: Varies by tour: fleet includes BMW, Harley-Davidson and Honda cruisers, tourers and trikes
Equipment: Support van with spare bike, free fuel and oil, helmet, locks
Dates: Year-round
Typical Cost: 4-day tour starting at $1,127, 15-day tour from $4,550
Age Limit: Min. 21
Contact: 11860 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90250; (877) 557-3541;
* EagleRider is the go-to motorcycle rental company for many of the other tour companies listed here. It provides rental bikes all over the country, and a number of guided tours across the United States.

Edelweiss Bike Travel

Tours: Alaska-Yukon Adventure, Around the World—Los Angeles to New York, Best of America, California Extension, California Off-Road Training and Tour
Accommodations: Comfortable middle-class hotels and motels
Length of Tours: From 5-11 days of riding (plus 29-day Around the World)
Rental Options: BMW, Harley-Davidson and Honda
Equipment: A second tour guide driving chase vehicle and taking care of repair and luggage
Dates: Year-round
Typical Cost: 5-day California Off-Road Training and Tour from $2,670, 11-day Best of America from $6,010
Age Limit: Min. 21
Contact: Sportplatzweg 14, 6414 Mieming, Austria; 011.43.5264.5690;
* Edelweiss Bike Travel offers tours all around the world and has been doing so since 1980. Tours are updated year after year and only the best guides are hired to join the Edelweiss team.

Freedom Tours

Tours: Best of Colorado Tour, 5-Day Tour, 3-Day Northern Colorado Tour
Accommodations: Mix of luxury modern or historic hotels to rustic mountain cabins
Length of Tours: 3-10 days
Rental Options: From local rental agency
Equipment: Chase vehicle
Dates: June-July
Typical Cost: $1,435 (3-day tour), $3,510 (10-day), not including motorcycle rental
Age Limit: Riding experience required
Contact: 7474 East Arkansas Avenue #1506, Denver, CO 80231; (720) 480-0381;
* Colorful Colorado offers some of the best motorcycle roads in the world and Freedom Tours knows them all! Take your choice of glacier-carved alpine tundra, warm desert breezes, high mountain valleys and wide-open high plains.

This is part of the old Lincoln Highway, with a Parker truss bridge going over the stream; these steel girder bridges were very popular in the 1920s.
This is part of the old Lincoln Highway, with a Parker truss bridge going over the stream; these steel girder bridges were very popular in the 1920s.

Great American Touring

Tours: Pacific Coast North, Pacific Coast South, Sturgis Bike Week, Canadian Rockies, Best of the West, Route 66, Route 66 Extended, Sea to Shining Sea
Accommodations: “Consistently unique,” nights before and after tour are included
Length of Tours: 7-21 riding days
Rental Options: Harley-Davidson, other motorcycles
Equipment: Luggage, chase van
Dates: June-October
Typical Cost: $3,150 (7-day), $5,450 (17-day), per person for one bike, two people, including motorcycle rental
Age Limit: Min. 21 to rent motorcycle, no limit for own bike
Contact: 1873 Cromwell Drive, Akron, OH 44313; (800) 727-3390;
* How does Great American stand out? When the company says, “eight day tour,” that’s eight riding days. Other companies’ eight-day tours may be only six, or even just five riding days. It makes a difference.

Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours

Categories include: Once in a Lifetime, Events, Short Breaks, Luxury, Beautiful Planet
Tours: Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours offers tours around the world, with several options in the U.S. Some of the most popular include: National Parks, Best of the West, Monuments and Million Dollar Highway, California Highway 1, Riding the Canyons, Route 66, Florida Coast, Canadian Rockies & Yellowstone, Music and Bikes (Memphis-New Orleans) and several options leading to Sturgis for the annual rally.
Accommodations: Custom to route, preplanned assortment of mid-star rated hotels in stop cities
Length of Tours: 3-15 days
Rental Options: Harley-Davidson Authorized Rental or own motorcycle
Equipment: Harley-Davidson Authorized Rental motorcycle (if needed) and an Escort Vehicle along with a variety of Tour Essentials such as route maps, itineraries and region guides
Dates: Year-round
Typical Cost: Varies—a 14-day Sturgis tour including a rental is approximately $5,000
Age Limit: None; valid motorcycle license and the ability to handle a heavyweight touring motorcycle are required for operators
Contact: Reservations can be made through the Harley-Davidson tours website. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
* Harley-Davidson offers several types of Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours through 15 official Authorized Harley-Davidson Tour Operators. Tour operators may be based abroad, and other languages may be spoken on the tour, but tour guides will be fluent English speakers.

Leod Motorcycle Escapes

Tours: Northern California’s best curves and vistas. GPS-guided tours with bike and hotels included for individuals and small groups. Custom guided tours for larger groups.
Accommodations: 3-star or higher hotels and vacation homes
Length of Tours: 5-10 days
Rental Options: Select BMW, Ducati, Honda and Triumph models or use your own bike
Equipment: GPS routes and waypoints, quality local maps, route guide, optional chase van if your group wants one
Dates: April-October
Typical Cost: $2,400 average
Age Limits: Min. 25, curvy backroads suited for intermediate to advanced riders
Contact: 55 Aspen Ct., El Sobrante, CA 94803; (866) 562-6126;
* Tour master Cat MacLeod says “Hidden between places like San Francisco, Yosemite, Tahoe, the redwood forests and the wine country are the best curvy roads in the USA. Your hotels are booked, your bike’s GPS is preloaded with all the local routes, all you have to do is show up when you want, with who you want… and just ride NorCal’s best.”

Los Angeles Bikers

Tours: Over twenty local 1-day rides “From L.A and back”, mini-tours from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles to San Diego, Los Angeles to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Death Valley. Guided tours only!
Accommodations: Motels, lodges
Length of Tours: 1, 3, 4 and 7 days
Rental Options: Rental motorcycle from local agency
Equipment: Local guide with GPS routes and waypoints
Dates: All year long
Typical Cost: $195 (1-day ride for up to 2 riders) to $1,745 (7 days), per person per day, excluding motorcycle rental
Age Limit: Min. 21 to rent motorcycles, no upper limit
Contact: 733 South Santa Fe Avenue, Glendora, CA 91740; (800) 939-9539 / (626) 864-6941
*Based in Southern California, Los Angeles Bikers offers guided rides & small tours in and around L.A. county and up to San Francisco. The company focuses on Southern California scenery from the ocean coast to the high desert, high mountains, prairies, lakes, canyons and on the discovery of SoCal culture.


Tours: The Grand Tour, Southern Tour, Northern Tour, Death Valley Days
Accommodations: Hotels, lodges
Length of Tours: 4-17 days
Rental Options: Rental motorcycle from local agency
Equipment: Chase vehicle with trailer
Dates: June-August and December
Typical Cost: $800 (4 days) to $3,230 (17 days), per person per day, excluding motorcycle rental
Age Limit: Min. 21 to rent motorcycles, no upper limit
Contact: P.O. Box 158, Ellensburg, WA 98926-1911; (509) 856-6572;
*Based in Washington State, MotoJourneys offers quality, affordable motorcycle tours of world-class scenic routes. The company focuses on value, providing riders with comfortable accommodations at a fair price while showing them some of the best motorcycle roads in the American West.


Tours: Wonders of the West, America Southwest, Best of Baja Southbound, Best of Baja Northbound, Pacific Coast Highway: Northbound, Pacific Coast Highway: Southbound, North to Alaska Extended, Law Enforcement North to Alaska, North to Alaska Adventure, Alaska Kenai Peninsula, Prudhoe Bay Adventure, Alaska Harley Tour, Ride the Best of Alaska, Alaska Women’s Tour, Alaska Backcountry Explorer, Northern Lights Adventure
Accommodations: Lodges, hotels
Length of Tours: 4-13 days
Rental Options: BMW range, Kawasaki KLR
Equipment: Luggage, chase van, satellite phones
Dates: Year round (West), May-Sept (Alaska)
Typical Cost: $4,700, 9-day tour, rider sharing double room, including motorcycle rental
Age Limit: Min. 21
Contact: 4346 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99517; (800) 756-1990 or (907) 272-2777 or (562) 997-7368;
* MotoQuest offers a number of tours of the last frontier, Alaska, a great option if you don’t have the time to ride there during its short riding season. At other times of the year, tours are offered of the West and Southwest.

Oregon’s Wallowa Lake, dammed naturally by a glacial moraine.
Oregon’s Wallowa Lake, dammed naturally by a glacial moraine.

Northeastern Motorcycle Tours

Tours: New England, Nova Scotia, Gaspe, Adirondacks
Accommodations: Inns and hotels
Length of Tours: 3-14 days
Rental Options: BMW, Honda or Harley-Davidson from local suppliers
Equipment: None
Dates: August-October
Typical Cost: $2,295 for 6-day tour, excluding motorcycle rental
Age Limits: Min. 18
Contact: P.O. Box 574, Saxtons River, VT 05154; (802) 463-9853;
* Sean Reid’s Northeastern Motorcycle Tours is one of the oldest motorcycle touring companies in the USA – celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2016 – and a pioneer in luxury guided tours. Our own Clement Salvadori wrote in a 2001 article about the company, “The reason people pay Reid good money to go on his trips is that he knows the best roads to ride, the best places to eat, and the best places to lay your head at night.”

O’Gara Moto Tours

Tours: Avenue of the Giants, Yosemite NP, Monterey/PCH, Las Vegas/Grand Canyon, Southern Utah, The Carrizo Plains, Central Idaho, Napa Valley, Bespoke Tours, and one-day area tours
Accommodations: Best available in the area
Length of Tours: 1-7 days
Rental Options: BMW GS models
Equipment: Sprinter Van chase vehicle, spare motorcycle, porter services
Dates: Year-round operations, but some tours are seasonal
Typical cost (less rental): Ranges from $200 for 1-day local tour; to $3,495 for a 7-day tour
Age Limit: Min. 21
Contact: 3610 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362; (888) 409-8998;
* O’Gara Moto Tours is situated next to the Santa Monica Mountains just west of Los Angeles. This means you are minutes away from some of the most iconic roads in the world. From our location, we can easily reach any destination without negotiating LA traffic. A few roads in our backyard include: Pacific Coast Highway, the Malibu canyons including Mulholland Highway, Angeles Crest Highway and Highway 33. We include lodging, meals, fuel, O’Gara Moto Tours swag and GoPro cameras (minus SIM card).

Open Road Motorcycle Adventures

Tours: Grand Circle Tour, Great Southern Tour, Beartooth Highway and Yellowstone National Park Tour, Great Northern Tour, Grand Loop Tour, “Mighty 5” (Utah) Motorcycle Tour
Accommodations: Upper scale hotels and resorts
Length of Tours: 7-16 days
Rental Options: Harley-Davidson from local dealers
Equipment: Support vehicle, helmet and rainsuit (with motorcycle rental)
Dates: May-October
Typical Cost: 8-day tour, $3,875 rider sharing room, including motorcycle rental; 16-day tour, rider and passenger costs $10,335 including rental
Age Limit: Min. 21, valid motorcycle license, experience
Contact: P.O. Box 9062, Salt Lake City, UT 84109; (801) 824-6762;
* Want scenic roads with that tour? Open Road Motorcycle Adventures offers tours of the Western Rockies that are heavy on scenery and camaraderie with stops at fascinating destinations along the way.

Pashnit Motorcycle Tours

Tours: Death Valley, The Foothills, Northern California, Central Cal, Coast Range, Sierra Nevada, Far North, Southern Sierra, Circle Northern California, Southern Oregon & Crater Lake, Spring in NorCal, China Peak
Accommodations: Hotels, motels
Length of Tours: 3-4 days
Rental Options: BMW, Honda, Triumph, Harley and others from local rental agencies
Equipment: Lead rider, sweep rider
Dates: March-October
Typical Cost: $425 for a 3-day tour, excludes motorcycle rental
Age Limit: Min. 21, riding experience
Contact: 2999 Bridlewood Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762; (530) 391-1356;
* Pashnit Motorcycle Tours (pashnit = passionate, get it?) started out as a “best roads” computer list and now offers a full menu of California-based tours, many of which are held on long weekends.

Ride Free Motorcycle Tours

Tours: Route 66 Chicago to Los Angeles; Get Your Kicks on Route 66 / Grand Canyon; California Pacific Coast Highway / Yosemite / Big Sur / San Francisco; Northern California; American Music Motorcycle Tour—Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Austin Texas; Canadian Rockies; Big Sur / Carmel / Pacific Coast Highway California; San Francisco to LA; Route 66 Grand Canyon; LA to San Francisco Coastline Explorer; Yellowstone / Colorado; American History Washington D.C. / Battlefields / Blue Ridge Mountains; Viva Las Vegas; California Explorer; Daytona Bike Week; Alaska; California Desert and Mountain Dual Sport; Western National Parks Wild West I & II
Accommodations: Hotels, resort hotels, motels
Length of Tours: 4-14 days
Rental Options: Harley-Davidson or other
Equipment: Support vehicle, extra bike and spare parts
Dates: Year-round
Typical Cost: 4-day tour, $1,996 including motorcycle rental and insurance; 14-day tour, $7,049 including motorcycle rental and insurance
Age Limit: Min. 21, riding experience
Contact: 11014 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90304; (310) 978-9558;
* Classic routes with classy motorcycles (and classic cars) is what Ride Free does. Based in Los Angeles, the company offers tours throughout the West, as well as trips to Chicago, Florida and Alaska.

River Pilot Tours

Tours: Backcountry Discovery Routes (in Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Arizona), Route 66, Dirt 66, Ghost Town Tour, Trans-America Trail Tour, Women’s Motorcycle Tour
Accommodations: Hotel, lodge, camping, 3- to 5-star accommodations
Length of Tours: 7-15 days
Rental Options: KTM, BMW, Harley-Davidson
Equipment: Support vehicle, helmet, insurance, advanced communications, navigation and real time tracking
Dates: Year-round
Typical Cost: $3,000 for 7-day tour with motorcycle rental; $8,999 for 15-day tour with motorcycle rental
Age Limit: Min. 21
Contact: 1621 Central Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001; (307) 222-6347;
* River Pilot Tours is a full-service tour operator offering standard and custom tours to U.S. and international clientele. Focusing on luxury and quality, the company has professional and attentive tour guides, and its wide scope of tours includes guided and self-guided motorcycle tours, as well as car and horseback tours.

Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures

Tours: Explore the Rockies, Alaska Adventure, Rocky Mountain Dream, Parks and Peaks, 2 Day 50/50 Tour and Custom Tours with glacier tours, whitewater rafting, wine tours, zip line, mountain top gondola and downhill mountain biking options
Accommodations: Upper scale hotels, heli skiing lodges, hot spring resorts
Length of Tours: 1-21 days
Rental Options: BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, Yamaha 1200 Super Ténéré or ride your own bike
Equipment: Support vehicle, helmets and rain gear
Dates: May-October
Typical Cost: 7-day tours from C$4,200 with rider sharing room, includes rental
Age Limit: Min. 21 with valid motorcycle license and experience
Contact: Kelowna, BC, Canada; (204) 856-3215;
* Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures offers motorcycle tours for different adventure levels. They work hard to ensure you will have the motorcycle trip with the best roads, scenery and bikes during its tours.

Tour on 2

Tours: Arizona Bike Week, Texas Hill Country/Big Bend National Park, Ride the Ozarks Adventure, Las Vegas/National Parks Adventure, Ride the Mother Road Route 66, Ride the Rockies Adventure, Door County Wisconsin, Sturgis Rally, Sturgis Rally with Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks
Accommodations: Motorcycle-friendly, clean and comfortable hotels, motels
Length of Tours: 3-16 days
Rental Options: Local rental agency
Equipment: Chase vehicle
Dates: March-October
Typical Cost: $2,250 for 8-day tour, private room, motorcycle rental and fuel
Age Limit: Min. 21 for rental motorcycles
Contact: P.O. Box 278, Yorkville, IL 60560; (630) 660-4733;
* Owners Pam and Bill Gade offer tours all around the United States, including visits to national parks, well-known motorcycle rallies and along famous Route 66.

Twisted Trailz Motorcycle Tours

Tours: Cowboy Country, Grand Canyon & Red Rocks, Unique Utah, Canyons & National Parks, Awesome Arizona, Monuments & Million $ Highways, Enchanted New Mexico
Accommodations: Unique or historical hotels and lodges
Length of Tours: 3-7 days
Rental Options: Harley-Davidson and other brands from local agency or own bike
Equipment: Chase van and trailer
Dates: February-November
Typical Cost: 3-day tour, $1,325 including rental; 7-day tour, $4,195 with rental bike
Age Limit: Min. 25 for rental bikes, experienced rider
Contact: 3331 E. Escuda Road #111, Phoenix, AZ 85050; (602) 795-8888;
* All motorcycle tours are planned and structured with the rider in mind. Twisted Trailz encourages participants to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Southwest on one of its once-in-a-lifetime tours.


  1. Hi there,
    We, at Los Angeles Bikers, offer a variety of 1-day tours in and out of LA . I did a quick check with EagleRider of LA and they do rent a trike ( Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra with Free Mileage 200 Miles at a Rate/Day $249 ) Providing you could rent this trike, we would be more than happy to show you guys around…but do you have a motorcycle license?

  2. Hi there Bruno,
    Neither of us have a bike licence. Hence we wanted a guided tour on a trike or a sidecar as we did this in Melbourne early this year with a Harley and a sidecar tour and it was an awesome way for my paraplegic partner to enjoy the buzz of being on a bike.


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