Scala Rider Packtalk by Cardo Systems

Group Chat
The scala rider Packtalk by Cardo Systems allows group riders (3-10) to communicate in a fluid virtual network. In DMC mode, each rider acts as an autonomous hub that maintains simultaneous and distinct communication with everyone in the group, even after riders venture out of range or drop off for any reason. Riders can drop off and seamlessly re-join without causing a breakdown of communication to the other riders. Packtalk incorporates dual-core Bluetooth and DMC communication technologies that work in a simultaneous, complementary manner. Packtalk ($329.95 single, $579.95 duo) is fully operational from smartphones and maintains the features of the existing scala rider products.

The Scala Rider Packtalk by Cardo Systems.
The Scala Rider Packtalk by Cardo Systems.

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