Record Attendance for Moto Guzzi Open House 2015


Moto Guzzi Open House 2015 drew more than 15,000 participants from around the world the weekend of September 11-13 as fans celebrated the motorcycle brand founded in 1921.

Fans and families came to Mandello del Lario, Italy, with vehicle registration plates in English, German, Spanish, French, Austrian, Swiss, Danish, Belgian, Polish, Hungarian and even Russian to participate in a full schedule of events. There were more than 9,000 visits to the Moto Guzzi museum and more than 400 participants took advantage of the test rides, which offered a unique chance to try out the most recent models including the V7II collection, the California 1400 flagship, the Eldorado and the Audace fresh off the production lines.

Hundreds of new members joined The Moto Guzzi Clan, the official community of bikers where members can share the pride of being a Guzzista. Guests were able to view the famous wind tunnel, built in 1950 (the first in the world of its kind) and it was three days of non-stop work for Aryk Old Paint, the well-known artist who decorated helmets and jackets with the Moto Guzzi eagle for dozens of enthusiasts.

The complete and free bike check-up was also met with success and was carried out directly in the plant workshop.

guzzi_openhouse_0168 guzzi_openhouse_testride[3]


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