New Book: Motorcycles and Our 2nd 50 Years

Old is a bad word in the minds of many and often implies useless, worn out, and -in general- over the hill. And this can be particularly true when it comes to riding a motorcycle in our later years.

In his new book, Motorcycles and Our 2nd 50 Years, Reg Kittrelle takes a close look at what it means to be “old” in our culture, and how it applies to motorcycle riders. He examines the social mores that shape our perception of age, takes a critical look at the food we eat, and lays out a simple, no-fad exercise plan to make our riding years past the age of 50 the best ones of our life.

Additionally, he covers various aspects of motorcycling that contributes to riding longer and riding competently such as lighting, tools, track schools, clothing and a myriad of other subjects. For good measure, he throws in several two-wheeled “hacks” that can contribute to our riding enjoyment.

This is a highly personal, and at times controversial, 224-page book unlike any other in the library of the motorcycle-related. When you begin to think your riding days might be numbered, that you’re just ”too old” to saddle up, that’s when you need this book. It will convince you that old age is not a disease or pitiful condition. It is a status we’ve attained, and if we’ve lived properly, it is worthy of respect.

Kittrelle, 72 and a rider for more than 50 years, states, “Riding a motorcycle has nothing to do with how old you are, and everything to do with how old you think you are.”

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  1. I ordered the book last week and have not received it. It was to be delivered to 22 W Woodruff Ave. Arcades, Vs 91007 to Martin Koeth ordered by Rose Ann Yslas. Bank acct. has not been debited either.

    • Ms. Yslas,

      Rider Magazine does not sell or fulfill orders for Reg Kitrelle’s book. If you have a problem with your order, please contact the publisher directly.

      Best regards,
      Rider Magazine Staff


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