National Cycle Street Shield EX Review

A bike like the Honda CB1100 is ready for action right off the showroom floor, but that doesn’t mean it can’t use a few accessories to customize it for an owner’s purposes. A lot of riders would start with wind protection on a naked standard. Why beat yourself up when a securely fastened slab of plastic can break the breeze for you, and look good in the process? With that in mind, we fitted the National Cycle Street Shield EX to our long-term CB.

National Cycle forms their Street Shield and Street Shield EX lines from high-impact acrylic that’s been UV-stabilized to prevent yellowing from sun exposure. Their proprietary No-Hole Ballsocket mount keeps the shield crack free by eliminating the need to drill holes through it, instead using attachment points bonded to the windshield. The system provides some fore/aft and vertical adjustment to customize the fit. Our EX also includes National Cycle’s QuickSet Hardware, claimed to allow tool-free shield removal in 10 seconds. My best time was well beyond that, though still fast enough that I could remove the shield right before a ride without irritating my buddies waiting on their idling bikes.

National Cycle Street Shield EX
National Cycle Street Shield EX

Editor-in-Chief Tuttle chose and installed the Street Shield EX, but everyone who’s ridden the bike has enjoyed it. Installation instructions are clear and complete; our dexterous editor had no problem finishing the job in about an hour. The knobs and clamps are high-quality plastic parts with brass inserts, and the rods and brackets are matte black powdercoated steel. Telescoping brackets clamp to the handlebar via pivoting mounts to accept the upper struts; clamps attached to the fork tubes hold the lower struts. Once you have a good, level fit at the correct pitch, cinch things up and go for a ride. National Cycle recommends installing the shield at an angle that follows the rake of the forks. This definitely looks best, and is performing well for me.

Street Shield EX models are both wider and taller (ours is 18 inches tall and 19.25 inches wide) than non-EX models for better wind protection. A light tint overall and gradient tinting at the bottom lend a classy look to the shield. Best of all…it works. Rolling down the highway is much more comfortable with the EX than without it, especially at elevated SoCal commuting speeds. The wind hits me at the top of my helmet, there’s no buffeting, and if it’s really blowing I can tuck in behind it for a quiet ride.

The National Cycle EX model for our Honda runs $159.99. It’s a good looking add-on that should last a good many years and offers an easy on-off solution for riders who want the wind in their face now and then. Made in the U.S.A.

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  1. I had one installed on a Shadow 600 and did not find it was that great for wind. I also found the plexiglass distorts things a bit too much for my liking. Especially if you have a helmet with face protection. I agree its easy to take off and is secure when fastened properly.


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