Motion Pro Spinner T-Handle & Magnetic Nut Driver Bits Review

Anyone that’s used a T-handle driver knows how versatile they are. Motion Pro’s spinning handle makes them handier yet. Their Spinner T-Handle Bit Driver has been at the top of my toolbox the last few months and I’ve reached for it often while working on my bikes. So far it’s been handy for body panels, battery terminals, seat removal…pretty much all the quick maintenance moves I make. Just pop a bit into the driver and start spinning.

A magnet inside the driver’s business end keeps the quarter-inch hex drive bits in place. And the bits have magnets inside to help clutzy folks like me feel like real mechanics when stabbing a bolt at a threaded hole several inches into the bowels of a motorcycle. However, the magnets aren’t strong enough to prevent you from leaving a bit behind on a bolt head if you’re not careful when withdrawing the tool. The spinner handle and the bit attachment both have a little play that makes it easier to capture a bolt head in tight spaces than if the unit was rigid throughout. The Spinner’s 8-inch length helps as well, with the driver bits extending your reach an extra couple of inches.

The Spinner T-Handle Bit Driver ($26.99, part # 08-0556) is made from chrome-plated chrome-vanadium steel, a workhorse alloy common in hand tools. It features a rubber-coated handle that’s both easy on the hands and doesn’t slip under pressure. The spinner is aluminum, anodized in Motion Pro’s signature bright blue. Bits are sold separately—$9.99 buys a set of black-finished chrome-vanadium metrics hex bits (5-13mm, including 5.5mm) that comes in a compact holder. And if you get a little ham-fisted, both components are covered by Motion Pro’s limited lifetime warranty.

This is a super tool for my Suzuki, with its numerous 8, 10 and 12mm fasteners, not so much for the Torx-riddled BMW (at least until Motion Pro offers a set of Torx bits). Leave it to Motion Pro to make a tool that I grab before others.



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