Yuasa GYZ Powersports Batteries

Cutaway view of the Yuasa GYZ powersports battery.
Cutaway view of the Yuasa GYZ powersports battery.

Yuasa is the largest supplier of original equipment batteries and accessories to the powersports industry. Having engineered its first maintenance-free and gas recombination battery for powersports in the early 1980s, Yuasa went on to develop the first absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery.

Yuasa recently released the GYZ family of batteries, which it says are the most powerful powersports batteries available. GYZ batteries were designed in conjunction with a major OEM to meet the needs for increased capacity and durability, while maintaining the same footprint of existing Yuasa OE batteries. They use taller battery plates with an enhanced active material, which provides more surface area to generate power.

Along with increased capacity, the GYZ batteries were designed to provide a significantly lower self-discharge rate and improved cycle life, offering greater residual capacity after periods of inactivity. Increased residual capacity is also necessary for the higher key-off power drain common in newer powersports vehicles.

Aftermarket customers often need more power than OEM-spec batteries can provide. The addition of electrical accessories or engine modifications, which increase cranking loads and vibration, place extreme demands on a vehicle’s battery. GYZ batteries provide increased capacity and utilize advanced welding technology to improve performance and reliability for these applications. Yuasa engineers also considered aftermarket customers when developing the new GYZ terminal design, which offers increased strength and conductivity. The new terminal design also provides multiple connection points to facilitate the addition of aftermarket accessories.

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