Harley-Davidson LongBlock Engine Replacement Program

A familiar V-Twin cadence is the beating heart and soul of every Harley-Davidson motorcycle, but when that high-mileage heart begins to skip a beat the new Harley-Davidson LongBlock Program can put the rumble back in the ride simply, quickly and affordably.

Unlike an engine rebuild from the repair shop down the street, or an after-market replacement engine, the Harley-Davidson LongBlock is a Harley-Davidson Twin Cam engine manufactured from 100 percent new Original Equipment components and built to the latest factory specifications, and retains the original motorcycle Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Through the LongBlock program, North American customers in addition have the opportunity to upgrade select engines to larger displacements and the option to select the camshaft performance they desire. A replacement engine based on a Harley-Davidson LongBlock sub-assembly is backed by a limited 12-month/unlimited mileage warranty.

The LongBlock program replaces the Harley-Davidson Engine Remanufacturing (Reman) program with a more flexible solution that enables customization and offers factory-new engines without requiring shipment of the entire original engine back to the factory. The new LongBlock program is available in all international regions, and engines being replaced do not require shipment to the United States.

The crankcase is pre-assembled with flywheels, connecting rods, bearings, seals, cylinders, pistons, rings, heads, valves, valve springs, tappets and pushrod covers. Standard upgrades include a Screamin’ Eagle® lefty crankcase bearing, Screamin’ Eagle cam bearings and Screamin’ Eagle performance tappets to handle higher stress loads and performance upgrades. In addition, 1999-2006 LongBlock sub-assemblies are upgraded with late-model hydraulic cam tensioners, a high-volume oil pump and a billet cam plate. Also included and ready for installation by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer are top end rocker arm supports, rocker arms and shafts, pushrods and breathers. The LongBlock also includes the cam support plate, cam plate bearings, cam and timing chain drive, hydraulic tensioners and all required gaskets and new hardware to complete the assembly. The 2007-2013 103- and 110-cubic inch LongBlock engines feature factory-installed Automatic Compression Releases.

The customer can chose a silver or black-highlighted engine to match the styling of his or her bike. To make it easy to further customize style and performance, the LongBlock is sold without cam shafts, lower rocker boxes, upper rocker box covers, or cam cover. The customer may have the current cams and cover re-installed, or select from a wide assortment of performance cams and custom engine cover options, with finishes that are polished and chrome-plated, gloss black, wrinkle black or even the Dark Custom machine-cut highlights of the Burst Collection. Chrome hardware is also available. A streamlined ordering process packages additional unassembled parts with the LongBlock assembly, so they will all be on hand for final assembly by the authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.

Customers in North America only can also choose to upgrade engine displacement and performance. Bikes originally equipped with Twin Cam 88 engines can upgrade to 95- or 103-cubic inch displacement, and Twin Cam 96-equipped models can be repowered with 103- or 110-cubic inch engines based on specific model fitment. Upgrades require model-specific ECM recalibration.

To initiate the LongBlock program, customers simply take their Harley-Davidson motorcycle to an authorized dealership. The dealer will remove the engine from the frame and ship the left crankcase half to Harley-Davidson for VIN verification (this step not required outside North America). In 10 to 20 days a new LongBlock will return to that dealership, ready for final assembly and installation in the motorcycle. The LongBlock engine retains the original Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for easy title exchange and registration.

The price of the LongBlock assembly depends on engine specification, but starts at just $3,495 and includes shipping. Dealer labor to remove, complete the assembly and install the engine is priced separately. Some components such as cam choice and accessories selected to finish the engine are also separate.

For more information see an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer or visit the LongBlock web page.



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