Honda Announces 40th Anniversary Gold Wing and Other 2015 Models

Hot on the heels of its summer introductions of three new 2015 models—the CBR300R, CB300F and NM4—Honda has announced the return of several cruiser, touring and dual-sport models. The 2015 model year marks the 40th anniversary of the Gold Wing, and Honda is celebrating with a commemorative 40th Anniversary Edition as well as unique 40th Anniversary emblems on all 2015 Gold Wing models.

“For 2015 we are proud to be celebrating 40 years of the Gold Wing. This model means so much to our company and our customers,” said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications at American Honda. “When this model was introduced in 1975 it revolutionized what touring in America could be. It was our customers’ passion for adventure and traveling the open road that really defined the Gold Wing and how it is used today.”

2015 Honda Gold Wing ABS2015 Honda Gold Wing
The 2015 Gold Wing is offered in a striking two-tone Candy Red and Black color marked with unique adornments as a special 40th anniversary edition, as well as a new Silver Metallic color and Black. Honda’s flagship tourer is a luxurious, powerful, balanced and fully featured machine. Its six-cylinder 1,832cc engine churns out smooth, generous power. The Gold Wing is available in four distinct performance package options, so customers can choose the features they want. Prices start at $23,999, and bikes will be available at Honda dealers in October 2014.

2015 Honda Gold Wing F6B2015 Honda Gold Wing F6B
F6B stands for “Flat-Six Bagger,” and this Gold Wing variant dispenses with the top trunk and offers bagger styling that’s popular today. The bike is lighter than the standard Gold Wing and has a lower windscreen and more streamlined bodywork. For 2015, the F6B makes logging miles easier with the addition of cruise control and offers more aggressive styling with a new black exhaust. The Gold Wing F6B is available in two new colors—Matte Silver and Blue Metallic—and will be in dealerships in November 2014; price is TBD.

2015 Honda Interstate2015 Honda Interstate
The Interstate is Honda’s long-haul custom that pairs modern features with classic retro styling. The Honda Interstate delivers ample power and strong low- and mid-range torque from its liquid-cooled 1,312cc V-twin while its floorboards, saddlebags and pronounced windscreen provide the luxury, comfort and capability for long-distance journeys. It returns for 2015 unchanged except for a new color: Black with a black frame, silver wheels and chrome accents. Available in November 2014; price is TBD.

2015 Honda Fury2015 Honda Fury
The Fury is Honda’s most distinctive and radical cruiser, delivering the look, style and ride of a custom chopper with the reliability that Hondas are known for. Like the Interstate and Stateline, it is powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 1,312cc V-twin that’s tuned for torque, with a 5-speed engine and shaft final drive. For 2015, the Fury gets new frame, wheel and accent treatments, and it comes in Candy Red or Black with a gray frame and new bronze-colored wheels. Available in November 2014; price is TBD.

2015 Honda Stateline2015 Honda Stateline
The Stateline is the modern custom in Honda’s 1300 Custom line, with a long and low stance that blends style with attitude. The blacked-out cylinder fins on the 1,312cc V-twin engine, swept bars, noticeably raked-out fork and wider, full fenders and tires create an undeniably cool cruiser aesthetic. New for 2015 is a Blue Metallic color with a black frame, silver wheels and chrome accents. Available in November 2014; price is TBD.

2015 Honda Shadow Aero2015 Honda Shadow Aero
Honda’s long-running Shadow line has for many years been represented by middleweights, cruisers powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 745cc V-twin with shaft final drive—a bulletproof drivetrain. The Shadow Aero is the retro-cruiser of the family, with spoked wheels, full fenders and a chrome 2-into-2 exhaust. For 2015, the Shadow Aero comes in a new Candy Red color. Available in November 2014; price is TBD.

2015 Honda Shadow Phantom2015 Honda Shadow Phantom
Honda’s darkest Shadow returns for 2015, offering cool, minimalist custom looks at an affordable price. The Phantom boasts dark, stealthy styling highlights including blacked-out components (including motor, fuel tank, fork, rims, handlebar and other parts), bobbed front and rear fenders and a low-profile instrumentation layout. In addition to classic Black, for 2015 the Phantom will also be available in new Light Silver Metallic. Available in November 2014; price is TBD.

2015 Honda XR650L2015 Honda XR650L
The time-tested XR650L remains Honda’s do-it-all dual-sport model that’s capable of just about anything. From backcountry trail rides to urban commuting, its fuel-efficient 644cc air-cooled single and long-travel suspension will get the job done. Available in Red in December 2014; price is TBD.


  1. Power is not the issue, the 1.8 liter has enough grunt for touring. BUT is there an electric windshield, or a 6th gear, or LED lights, or a Navi with more info. or front wheel options, or what else have I missed?

  2. Honda missed a chance to make needed improvements at an important model year and to come into the 21st century. The Instrument panel and function buttons are stone age and the bike needs a 6th gear. Instead, Honda offers a 40th anniversity badge and key. What were they thinking ?

  3. Honda sure has missed the mark on the Goldwing. It is still the same old lead sled with no improvements. BMW has Honda beat hands down on touring motorcycles. The Goldwing is a nice bike but it is way outdated. I had a 2008 Wing and I felt like I was riding a circus wagon. I would like another Goldwing but not until it has had major improvements. The only improvement with Honda are new colors every year.

  4. In town they are awkward. On paper they are non-current.

    At mile 601 you are so glad to be on one, while the wife is asleep or reading a book on the back.

  5. Pathetic, that’s all that Honda can come up with for the Goldwing’s 40th anniversary? This seminal motorcycle is reduced to blacked out trim and very little chrome and a trunk that doesn’t even match or look like it is part of the saddlebags…I say it’s time to fire the executives and hire some people who will demand and get excitement back into the Goldwing. This 2015 model is ugly.
    No power windshield, no 6th gear, no standard ABS, no traction control, no “on the fly” suspension adjustment, and on and on.

    If this is the best Honda can come up with, then simply discontinue the Goldwing, it’s apparent that they don’t give a hoot about it. Their executives are pretty useless also. Heck my 6 year old kid could have come up with more this pathetic anniversary model!

    • You nailed it. Honda must have hired retired Harley Davidson engineers. A few color changes, a 40th anniversary badge and they believe they’ve done something. Throw a few oil leaks in there and Honda will be as archaic as the Electra Glide. I really don’t want another BMW with few service centers, outrageous parts counter prices, and unresponsive maintenance personnel, but what’s a man to do? The Goldwing is a nice bike, but it’s ten years behind times.

  6. All the negativity about the Goldwing is misplaced. This is by far the best all around bike on the road. Low end power from zero to well above any posted speed limit sign. Sure it is a little cumbersome riding around town but if you decide to just go, it is ready. Electric windscreen? You would use it once a month so adding a grand for that? No. A 6th gear to help mileage I would like. More clearance would be nice because this beast can keep pace with sportbikes, but I have already replaced footpegs once and need to do again. 36,000 miles on my 2012 and still loving it.

  7. I hope I speak for most GW owners, I don’t hate the GL. It has a motor with no peers, it’s long range touring comfort is beyond comparison, and the responsive handling and options are top notch. We are looking for updates to an already great bike. Electric windshield, built in fog lights, on the fly suspension and the other items that are now part of the competition package is what we should expect. Honda, take a great bike and make it better.

  8. My 05ST is getting old but I still love it and wouldn’t trade it in on anything out there at this time. I was hoping Honda would give us an upgrade with their dual clutch trany, heated grips & seats, keyless ignition, single sided swing arm… Am I asking too much? I’ve ridden a few bikes in 44 years & 300+K behind the bars and this one is the best of the bunch. Come on Honda please don’t let us down.
    Thanks Matthew T.

  9. I love my 2010 and would purchase another Goldwing this year if Honda made some progress and added other goodies……….But i’m not going to buy another bike just because of a color change……………..

    (Springfield, Mass.)

  10. sold my 03 GL1800 and replaced it with an 09. I too am waiting for some upgrades that we can sink our teeth into. 6th gear, CB & anti lock brakes standard, redesigned tail end. Give me something more than paint, badge and blacked out exhaust.



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