CSC Motorcycles to Import the RX-3 Cyclone, a 250cc Adventure Bike

CSC RX-3 Cyclone
CSC RX-3 Cyclone

CSC Motorcycles, based in Azusa, California, announced today that it is bringing in the first shipment of 250cc RX-3 Cyclone adventure touring motorcycles to the United States.

The Cyclone, manufactured for CSC by Chinese manufacturer Zongshen, is being certified for highway use in the United States. CSC expects to offer the motorcycles for sale by the end of this year. The CSC RX-3 Cyclone is powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected single with overhead cams, a counterbalancer and a 6-speed transmission. It is equipped with disc brakes, adjustable suspension, a luggage rack, a trunk, saddlebags, engine guards and hand guards, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

“Our first shipment of RX-3 Cyclones will sell for $2,895, and we’re taking names for the first increment at this price now,” said Steve Seidner, President and CEO of CSC Motorcycles. “After the first shipment leaves the port, our retail price will be $3,495, which is still an exceptional deal for this motorcycle.” Seidner explained that the company is offering the $2,895 introductory price to draw attention to the new motorcycle.

“We think a 250cc motorcycle is the perfect size for real world adventure touring,” Seidner said. “The bike has a sensible saddle height, it can cruise at highway speeds all day long, it has comfortable ergonomics, and it has the right ground clearance and tires for off-road explorations. We didn’t want to offer another ‘me, too’ 700-pound adventure bike that requires a 38-inch inseam and costs as much as a new car. Our niche is high-quality small motorcycles. It’s where the market is going. We think this bike makes a lot of sense, and we know Zongshen’s quality is top notch. Zongshen is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, and the engines we buy from them for our CSC line of Mustang replicas have performed flawlessly.”

CSC will maintain a full complement of parts and accessories for the RX-3 Cyclone motorcycle at its Azusa, California facility.

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