Scorpion EXO-R2000 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Scorpion Sports is a privately held Korean company that has been making motorcycle apparel for various brands, including its own, for over 10 years. Until now, its helmet factory has concentrated on making mid-priced lids. In my 2007 review of Scorpion’s $225 EXO-700, I noted the attention to detail and called the 700 a “great value.” After several months of testing its first premium helmet, the EXO-R2000, I’m convinced Scorpion has stayed true to its values while significantly upping its game. Designed for, and with assistance from, MotoGP riders, the R2000 is an appealing helmet for us road riders as well.

The R2000 is light—less than 3.5 pounds for my size small, largely because of Scorpion’s proprietary Thermodynamic Composite Technology shell material. The five-layer fusion of fiberglass, Aramid and organic fibers is light but strong. And by making four shell sizes (and six EPS liners), Scorpion also ensures that riders aren’t burdened with too large a shell for their helmet size. Aerodynamics are good, with minimal buffeting and negligible side blast when doing head checks at speed.

Inside the R2000 is a soft, wicking, removable liner featuring Scorpion’s Kwik-Fit cheek pads. Designed to accommodate most spectacles, these pads handled my thick- and thin-framed lenses without a hitch. The pads are also quick release, and marked as such for the EMT that you hope never needs them. An AirFit cheek pad inflation system keeps the helmet tight in the most extreme conditions. The bladders inflate via a thumb-operated pump at the front of the chinbar and deflate via a recessed steel button. The result is a snug, adjustable fit that pads alone can’t duplicate.

Scorpion EXO-R2000 Helmet
Scorpion EXO-R2000 Helmet

The R2000’s anti-fog face shield (two, really—Scorpion includes a dark smoke shield) removes and installs simply via small catches on either side. With the shield closed, the ratchet mechanism pulls tight to the eyeport seal for a quieter ride. A dual-action lever on the left side locks the shield down, or opens it just a crack. I take pretty good care of my shields, but have managed to scratch this one, even though it’s supposed to be hardened, without ever getting it really gritty to begin with.

Got a hot head? The R2000 vents bring in plenty of fresh air and distribute it well around your skull; the three vent controls are easy to use with gloved hands. A comfortable nylon chinstrap cinches up with double titanium D-rings and snaps to a keeper to prevent flapping. There’s also a release tab. Ever drop a helmet and watch a vent cover or spoiler snap off? Not fun. But when the R2000’s rear spoiler took a direct hit on my bike’s steel footpeg, the only damage was a small dent in the plastic. That’s my kind of helmet.

The R2000 meets DOT and Snell M2010 standards. The construction and finish are as good as the other premium helmets on my shelf, and some features of the EXO work better. It’s available in four graphic designs, plus solids in several colors. Sizes are XS-2XL, and the fit matches Scorpion’s online chart for my head size. MSRP is $369.95 to $389.95, depending on graphics. Scorpion calls the EXO-R2000 race ready, and it is. I call it street smart, comfortable…and a great value.

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(This Gearlab review was published in the August 2014 issue of Rider magazine.)


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