Erik Buell Racing (EBR) 1190RX and 1190SX | First Look Review

Erik Buell Racing just announced the 1190SX naked sportbike. It's in production, but no details or pricing have been released.
Erik Buell Racing’s 1190SX naked sportbike joins the lineup alongside the fully-faired 1190RX.

Buell is back! Last October Erik Buell Racing (EBR) unveiled its latest sportbike, the EBR 1190RX, at the American International Motorcycle Exposition (AIMExpo) in Orlando. A direct descendant of EBR’s race-bred limited edition 1190RS superbike, the 1190RX is street-legal and features many new rider-focused features, yet EBR claims it weighs just 419 pounds and makes 185 horsepower and 102 lb-ft of torque from its ET-V2 1190cc V-twin engine (which has 13.4:1 compression—wow).

The EBR 1190RX is Erik Buell Racing's first full-scale production model.
The EBR 1190RX is Erik Buell Racing’s first full-scale production model.

Twenty-one traction control settings keep the power within the rider’s control. The bike carries its fuel in the aluminum frame as with some previous Erik Buell-designed machines, and has an aluminum swingarm and high-end Showa suspension at each end. An eight-piston inside-out Nissin brake caliper squeezes the 1190RX’s single 386mm perimeter front brake rotor, a Buell trademark. The EBR 1190RX carries a MSRP of $18,995 and is completely assembled at EBR’s facility in East Troy, Wisconsin, and full-scale production has been underway since December 2013.

EBR has also announced that a naked version, the 1190SX, is currently in production. Unlike many naked bikes, the 1190SX is not a detuned version of its race-replica stablemate; it offers the same (claimed) 185 horsepower and 102 lb-ft of torque as the 1190RX. True to streetfighter form–and drawing on the heritage of Buell’s original S1 Lightning from 1995–the SX has less wind-cheating plastic, taller and wider handlebars, and a more upright riding position. EBR says wet weight is just 414 pounds, making it 5 pounds lighter than the 1190RX. The 1190SX should be in dealers in late July with an MSRP of $16,995.

EBR’s website indicates a third model, the 1190AX, almost certainly an adventure bike, is in the works. For more information, visit

EBR 1190SX in white
EBR 1190SX in white
EBR 1190SX in black
EBR 1190SX in black


  1. There is not a big difference in 1190SX and 1190RX. am I right ?
    1190SX is just taken away from the 1190RX fairing, even it shares the same engine.

  2. i ride a ulysses .bought 09 have 56000 miles. if ebr produes an adventure bike that competes with ktm 1190 i will purchase.

    • Same here! I ride an 06 Uly with 20k. Thought the GS was the future bike, but the 1190AX is going to be the one! Can’t wait!!

  3. I own an 08 Uly XT. If he makes a true Adventure Tour bike, one that will have the HP of the KTM but the weight and practicality of the 800 Adventure, I will certainly look at it for my next bike.

    For me the dream is…. 125+ HP – 500 lbs wet – Heated Grips – ABS that can be turned off – spoke wheels – 6 gallon gas tank – 32 inch seat height – Suspension that is good both on the road, and on a double track.

    Not a road bike, not a dirt bike, but a true ATW Adventure tour bike.


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