Ride to Work Day is Monday, June 16

The 23rd annual worldwide Ride to Work Day will take place on Monday, June 16, and is expected to be one of the largest-ever, according to Ride to Work, the non-profit organization that coordinates this annual event.

On Ride to Work Day, a much higher number of America’s 8,000,000 cycles and scooters are ridden to work. Some estimates put the numbers of added riders at over 1,000,000. Across equal distances, commuting riders can reach their destinations more quickly—in up to 20 percent less time than those using automobiles in some situations—and motorcycles and scooters consume less resources per person per mile, and they take up less space on roads and in parking areas.

“Many people do not always appreciate the societally positive value of transportational riding, and some don’t know there are also a few hidden deleterious ramifications from having almost everyone default to private autos. Cars are wonderful machines, and we love them, but the reasons to ride, when one can, go beyond stuff like energy or carbon footprints” states Andy Goldfine, an event organizer.

Organizers say the annual Ride To Work Day event is not narrowly about encouraging the wider adoption of transportational riding. It’s about increasing the understanding of—and tolerance for—those who choose this form of mobility, and about providing support and encouragement to those who like to ride in transportation-centric ways.

For more information, visit ridetowork.org.


  1. I cannot understand why scooters are almost always categorized as a totally different entity from motorcycles (ie, “Motorcycle and Scooter Riders…”, “…cycles and scooters…”, etc).

  2. Go easy of the critique, is my suggestion. As a fellow who got his motorcycle license at the age of 73 to ride a 153cc scooter, I can appreciate the huge legacy we have in this country of “motorcycle” mindset folks. After you read a little history and ride with several motorcycle clubs, you begin to understand the wisdom of cutting a little slack for those who still stumble on the words “and scooters”. They do love their Johnnie come lately (in the US) scooter neighbors. Still scooting six years later on a Honda 600cc. And I have almost 60,000 miles riding that mode.


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