Kyle Petty Cross-Country Charity Ride Daily Update—Day 2

Rider magazine asked our two good friends David Andreas and John Puerner, who are participating in the 20th Anniversary of the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America, to keep us posted on the ride’s progress with a daily blog. Each entry will cover the previous day’s events (or perhaps the two previous days). Here’s their report from the second ride day on Sunday, May 4.

Yesterday was a 360-mile day from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Cruces, New Mexico. We started yesterday’s ride with a fuel stop affectionately called the “gas stop ballet.” Fuel is included in our trip price, and the ride planners—sometimes working with sponsors—arrange for stops at gas stations or truck stops along our route. A lead group of volunteers ride ahead of the main group to the fueling location and prepare for our arrival. Oftentimes, local law enforcement will assist with traffic control to give us easy access to the gas station.

Kyle Petty Charity Ride
Volunteers filled everyone’s tank during stops along the Kyle Petty Charity Ride.

When we arrive, we form into 6-8 lines at a set of dedicated pumps and the fuel team fills our tanks. Once a bike is fueled, we park near the exit and get off to rehydrate, eat a snack or use the facilities. The whole process of fueling more than one hundred motorcycles only takes about 10-15 minutes, thanks to the experience and efficiency of our team. Usually we’re at a pit stop for about half an hour, and it’s a great way for local folks to meet the riders and celebrities in our group. Additionally, we offer locals the opportunity to donate to the Ride’s primary beneficiary, Victory Junction. After our first pit stop, we road east on Interstate 10 before turning south on Highway 80 towards Tombstone, Arizona, where we took a group picture. Later, we headed to Douglas, Arizona, for lunch and more fuel before turning north to Lordsburg, New Mexico, for the last gas stop. We concluded the final leg in Las Cruces, with a warm welcome of fans at Barnett’s Las Cruces Harley-Davidson. Today we’re off to Midland, Texas. Let’s Ride!

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