Harley-Davidson Street 750 Makes Ice-Racing Debut at X Games Aspen (VIDEO)

Harley-Davidson’s all-new Street 750, one of two models in the company’s first new motorcycle platform in 13 years, makes its debut today at the winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. Harley-Davidson, one of the newest X Games sponsors, has teamed up with ESPN to feature motorcycle ice racing as an X Games Aspen exhibition sport. Fans will help decide if the sport is extreme enough for future X Games winter events via social media.

Taking center ice for the exhibition is the all-new Harley-Davidson Street 750, which will be available in dealerships nationwide later this year. To see the Street 750s in action on the ice, view the video below.

Harley-Davidson Street 750's with studded tires will make their ice-racing debut at X Games Aspen.
Harley-Davidson Street 750s with studded tires will make their ice-racing debut at X Games Aspen.

“While the Street was designed to handle urban environments, its instant throttle response, lean chassis and super-low seat height make it perfect to ride anywhere,” said Dino Bernacchi, Director of North American Marketing Communications, Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “We modified several Street motorcycles by adding steel screws to the tires and let the world’s best flat track racers tear up the ice at high speeds. We think fans will be captivated by the extreme attitude and beauty they’ll see on the ice.”

The Street 750 features Harley-Davidson’s all-new liquid-cooled Revolution X engine. The V-twin is housed in a chassis built for agility, with new suspension and a broad handlebar that is said to provide confidence and maneuverability. With a minimalist style and low price, the Motor Company hopes to bring the next generation of riders into its black-and-orange embrace.

Harley-Davidson will showcase the ice racing exhibition during ESPN’s X Games Aspen today. Fans will influence whether the sport comes to future X Games winter events by sharing their comments via the Twitter hashtag #XGIceRace. ESPN will share comments from fans during the last day of the broadcast. Learn more at www.darkcustom.com/iceracing.

The exhibition race will feature Harley-Davidson Factory Flat Track Team rider Brad Baker, the reigning AMA Pro Grand National champion, AMA Pro star Jared Mees, winner of the 2012 AMA Pro Grand National Championship, and his wife and fellow AMA Pro flat track racer Nichole Mees.

“The attitude and capabilities of the Street were influenced by thousands of young adults in cities around the world,” added Bernacchi. “So while we think ice racing is hardcore, it’s only fitting that Harley-Davidson is having extreme sports fans around the world help decide the X Games fate of the sport.”

Motorcycle ice racing dates back to at least 1924 in Sweden. Today, ice racing is primarily on quarter-mile, half-mile and road course tracks setup on frozen lakes or indoor arenas. The sport usually is divided into classes for full-rubber and studded tires with speeds regularly approaching 80 miles per hour on straightaways and 60 miles per hour in the turns.

“Harley-Davidson has been pioneering action sports before they were even defined as action sports,” added Bernacchi. “In fact, archive photos in the Harley-Davidson Museum show enthusiasts racing on frozen lakes almost a century ago, so it’s exciting to see us back racing on ice with a new generation of riders on the newest addition to the Dark Custom motorcycle lineup.”

For more information about the Harley-Davidson Street 750 visit www.h-d.com/street.


  1. I’m really having a difficult time figuring out H-D’s marketing scheme for these new bikes. Ice racing a cruiser? Ice racing???

    I recently attended the Phoenix M/C show. H-D had a booth and demo rides (perfect weather). They had ONE Street model at the booth, sitting all alone. No info available. No hype. Nothing. Just the bike, completely ignored. I don’t even know what size it was. No one to ask. Sad.
    Also no demo rides on the new machines. Zip. Just demos on the big, bling bikes.

    The new Indian (Polaris) was there, with a full compliment of demo bikes. Very popular and busy all day. They’re going to sell a million of ’em. Good for them!

    I guess I’ll just never understand H-D. Doesn’t really matter, as I’ll most likely never own a new “Street” model since I don’t ice race.



  2. Iam 53 years young, would love to get a H D ! Like it to be faily quick! Handle well! Beable to lean with out a bad rumb oh yes stopping would also be nice!


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