2013 Hi-Visibility Buyers Guide

No matter what time of year, it’s tough for motorcyclists to stand out in traffic. As winter closes in, daylight hours diminish and overcast skies become common, it’s even harder to be seen. Hi-viz apparel and riding gear is the first line of defense against careless and inattentive drivers, and it does a great job of making bikes and their riders easier to see, and less likely to be hit.

But if a little visibility is good, a lot is better. Even if you’re already decked out in screaming yellow or green gear, it never hurts to add a few more glowing or reflective touches to you and your bike. Here’s a roundup of some
additional weapons to deploy in the fight against the forces of darkness.

BackOFF XP Brake Light Signal Module

The BackOFF XP Brake Light Signal Module connects to your brake light and flashes in one of two selectable modes when you hit the brakes. Mode One is four short flashes followed by one longer flash; the pattern repeats as long as the brakes are applied. Mode Two is five short flashes followed by a steady light as long as the brakes are on. It measures 21⁄4 x 15⁄8 x 5⁄8 inches and comes with double-sided tape for easy mounting. The heat-sink case is sealed and weather-resistant. $42.95.

Signal Dynamics // (800) 785-1814 // signaldynamics.com

Vemar Jiano EVO TC Night Vision

It looks like your basic modular helmet, but the EVO is a standout––especially at night––with its glow-in-the-dark paint. A good charge from riding in sunlight, or a boost from an electric light, provides up to eight hours of luminescence after dark. Non-glowing features include a one-button chinbar release, a removable and washable liner, an internal drop-down sun shield, and DOT and ECE certification. Available sizes are XS-XXL. $399.

Motonation // (619) 401-4100 // motonation.com

GlowRider Electro-Luminescent Jacket

Why settle for a jacket that reflects light when you can have one that emits its own? The GlowRider has panels on the back and shoulders that illuminate for up to 10 hours, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery in the sleeve. The jacket also has reflective material for even more nighttime visibility. It has lots of non-glowing goodness, too, including CE armor, a waterproof 600-denier polyester shell, vents, and adjustable waist and sleeve straps. Available in XS-2XL in neon green or black. $299.

Adaptiv Technologies // (646) 722-0253 // adaptivtechnologies.com

Stopper LED Brake Light

This row of super-bright LEDs attaches to the top or bottom of your license plate using the same mounting holes. Just connect it to your brake-light wires and you’re ready to go. It comes on only when you hit the brakes, and measures 7 x 3⁄4 inches. $28.

Aerostich // (800) 222-1994 // aerostich.com


Conspicuity Reflective Vests

If you can’t bear to retire your old non-reflective jacket for one that shows up better at night, slip a Conspicuity vest on over it. They come in Standard size to fit S-XL jackets, and Extra Large that fits 2X-5X. They’re washable with soap and water, and the mesh keeps you cool on hot days. The prismatic reflective tape is visible day and night, and the vest packs small and light when it’s not in use. It meets military and federally mandated specs, too. Eight colors are available. $65-$79.

Conspicuity Brand Reflective Products // (262) 706-3278 // conspicuity.us


Lunasee Active Side Lighting System

The Lunasee Active Side Lighting system uses four small LED lights mounted on the fork or frame (one on each side of the wheel) to aim light at strips of
photo-luminescent tape on the wheel rims to produce glowing rings of light. The kit comes with four high-intensity lights, a switch and a controller, reflective rim tape, spacers, and even alcohol wipes to prep the wheel for the tape’s adhesive. $199.95.

Lunasee // (252) 353-4354 // lunasee.com



Maybe you’re not into auxiliary lights the size of pizza pans, but you still want to show up better night or day. Five-watt LED Visi-Billet lights are small (13⁄4 inches long and 15⁄16 inch in diameter) but produce 290 lumens each of 6,000k light. The billet aluminum housing has an integrated heat sink for maximum heat dissipation. The basic kit comes with two housings, base mounts and a tap-in wiring harness with a fuse. Optional components include specialty mounts, an easy-connect wiring harness for headlights and a switch. $79.95 (basic kit).

Electrical Connection // (865) 219-9192 // electricalconnection.com


SOLAS Reflective Tape

SOLAS stands for the “Safety of Life at Sea” standard created to ensure the safety of, among other things, merchant ships. This highly reflective tape works on motorcycles, too, as well as hard bags, top cases and fork legs––anywhere you decide to apply the self-adhesive tape. It comes in rolls 2 inches wide by 2 feet long. It’s slightly stretchy so it even works on curved surfaces like helmets. $7.

Aerostich // (800) 222-1994 // aerostich.com


Flashing Halogen Taillight Bulb

Give that car behind you an extra heads-up that you’re slowing down with this flashing LED taillight bulb. When you hit the brakes it flashes four times fast, pauses, then flashes twice more slowly, then stays on as long as the brakes are applied. The sequence takes 4 seconds and repeats every time you let off and re-apply the brakes. It fits standard #1157 dual-filament brake/taillight sockets. Note: may not be legal in all areas, but it works everywhere. $69.

Aerostich // (800) 222-1994 // aerostich.com


Macna Concrete Jacket

Most riding jackets come with reflective panels, but the Macna Concrete in the optional Night Eye color is made entirely out of reflective material so you not only show up at night, you show up as a person-shaped object and not just a few glowing stripes and patches. An optional hi-viz Vision Vest zips to the jacket for more daytime visibility. Vents and CE armor including a back protector are standard, and an upgraded back protector is available as an option. A short zipper is sewn into the back of the waist to connect to riding pants. The Concrete comes in sizes S-6XL. $265.

Twisted Throttle // (855) 255-5550 // twistedthrottle.com



Mount these two pods of eight bright LED lights anywhere––by the taillight or up high on hard luggage––and wire them into your brake light circuit for an instant and hard-to-miss warning that you’re stopping. They work with all 12-volt systems and come with instructions and cable ties. $32.

Aerostich // (800) 222-1994 // aerostich.com


Arrow Head Lane Change Indicators

With all the flashing lights at intersections at night it might be hard to pick out your turn signals from the others. With Arrow Head Lane Change Indicators stuck to the back of your helmet, your intention to turn is obvious when you swivel your head to check left or right and the reflective arrows kick back the headlights of the car behind you. The kit comes with yellow or orange arrows, as well as silver chevrons and rear-facing diamonds. $24.

Aerostich // (800) 222-1994 // aerostich.com


PIAA Auxiliary Lights

Go bright or stay home. PIAA makes a wide range of auxiliary lighting for just about any application, from small see-me lights to light-up-the-Sahara flamethrowers. In most cases you’ll need a mounting kit to fit your particular bike, but there are also multi-brand kits that let you improvise. Prices vary widely depending on the model of light, the bike it fits and the necessary mounting brackets. About $300 to $396.

Whitehorse Gear // (800) 531-1133 // whitehorsegear.com


Missing Link DOC
Reversible Safety Vest

If you think safety vests just aren’t cool, but that getting run over by a texting car driver is even less cool, check out the DOC (Don’t Overlook Cyclists) Reversible Safety Vest from Missing Link. It’s a leather vest on one side and on the other it’s made of red, green or pink hi-viz nylon with BriteLine reflective striping. A hidden zipper at the bottom lets you attach patches and pins to either side of the vest independently. It comes in men’s and women’s sizes S-4XL. $129.95-$169.95.

Missing Link // (303) 816-6888 // missinglnk.com


(This article Be Seen! Eye-Catching Accessories for Night Riders was published in the January 2014 issue of Rider magazine.)


  1. Surprised by the omission of Road Rash Reflective gear. I have a couple pieces from them (t shirts, doo rag, cap) and I am amazed by how brightly they reflect a headlight beam, even at very long distance. I encourage everyone to check them out.

  2. “Conspicuity lighting” from Skene Design—definitely worth checking out. I run both the Photon Blasters and P3s on my Bonneville. Makes a world of difference.

  3. I own the “Conspicuity Lighting” retro-reflective vest in the red-white & blue colors. I love it. I can easily adjust it and it goes on immediately at dusk and my riding partners have commented that it is really bright and well seen, just what I want on these winding and hilly roads here in Tennessee. They have several others, but my favorite, of course, is the red, white and blue.


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