Racer Limes Gloves Review

First things first. The name of these gloves, Limes, is pronounced lee-mas, not like the fruit.

And second, yes, they also come in black only.

Even though the white-black color scheme is a bit flashy for me, sliding the Racer Limes gloves onto my hands makes me forget all about such vanity. Racer Gloves USA’s website says the Limes run about a half-size small, but the XL gloves I tested feel like they were tailor-made for my hands. My fingers are long and bony, so gloves that fit the palm of my hand are often too short in the fingers. From the first time I put them on a couple months ago until I put them on this morning before riding into work, the Racer Limes have fit perfectly. They’re supple, extremely comfortable and never restrict movement or feel.

Racer Outdoor GmbH is an Austrian company that’s been making motorcycle apparel for two decades. Former road racer Lee Block was so impressed with Racer gloves, he launched a company to import and distribute them here in the United States. Racer has a full lineup of men’s and women’s gloves, with designs specifically for racing, sport riding and winter riding.

The Limes have goatskin on the palm and cowhide leather elsewhere. A layer of perforated suede covers the base of the fingers and the inside of the forefinger and thumb, and extra layers of leather cover the outer edge of the hand and the hard shell knuckle protector. Perforated leather on parts of the fingers and the gauntlet, as well as a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) vent at the top of the hand, provides breathability. Accordion leather panels add some stretch on the fingers and back of the hand. The gauntlet easily covers the cuff of most riding jackets, and it has two hook-and-loop closures for a secure, adjustable fit.

Inside the Limes is a soft, synthetic lining that never chafes against my hands or fingers. I’ve worn the Limes while riding at least a half-dozen different motorcycles, and regardless of variations in handlebar grip diameter and material, the gloves provide good feel and freedom of movement. They’re not waterproof and their perforated design is suited for moderate to warm temperatures, but other gloves in the Racer lineup cover the bases in terms of cold, wet weather.

Racer Limes gloves retail for $129.99, are available in sizes S-3XL and in white-black (shown) or black. They’re also covered by a one-year warranty against defects.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Racer Gloves USA at (408) 852-0700 or visit racerglovesusa.com

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