Buy and Sell Beginner Bikes at is a newly launched website that pairs buyers and sellers of 250cc motorcycles and is aimed toward new riders looking for a small bike to learn on.

“The MSF certified motorcycle schools across the country provide 250cc bikes for their training classes and for many of those students, that’s the only bike they have ever ridden. So, it makes perfect sense that once they finish class and get their license that they would want to continue on a bike they are familiar with. The problem with buying a 250cc bike is you know in less than a year you’re going to want something bigger and better,” said Rick Sigel,’s developer. “Having a resource like is great because new riders can find a more affordable bike for their short-term use and then can turn around, when they are ready, and sell it on the same site. There is always a stream of new riders as well as experienced riders looking to move up, they just need to find each other and enables that to happen.”

Each listing on features complete details on the bike, including year and make, price, the owner’s contact info and location, and a brief description from the owner.


Conversely, enables owners of 250cc bikes to list their vehicles for just $20 for a three-month listing.

To view listings or post a 250cc motorcycle for sale, please visit



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