Motorcycle Industry Council Gives Support to Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Research

Motorcycle Industry Council staff shared news about its involvement in groundbreaking vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology research at a special event on May 23, 2013, at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute is one of the first research institutions to include motorcycles in a vehicle-to-vehicle study—a study that is now in the early engineering stages and is preparing to deploy prototypes by the end of summer. Technology installed in cars will make drivers aware of nearby motorcycles, providing them with instant location and speed data to help avoid collisions.

“MIC donated a Honda Goldwing and a Star Silverado to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to ensure that motorcycles were not left behind as vehicle-to-vehicle research advances,” said Ty van Hooydonk, director of communications for the Motorcycle Industry Council. “We believe it is critical that motorcycles are included in the development of Dedicated Short Range Communication.”

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation hosted the event in the Rose Bowl Stadium parking lot, just as the warm-weather riding season kicks into high gear. In addition to a news conference, there were also riding-hazard demonstrations, featuring a mock intersection complete with a traffic light and cars coming in all directions.

“This emerging vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology has real potential to develop, improve and become a part of the daily transportation scene and really help save lives,” van Hooydonk said. “And while technology is no substitute for drivers being aware, alert and skilled, the MIC certainly looks forward to continued support for these technological endeavors that can help make every ride a safe one.”

The Motorcycle Industry Council exists to preserve, protect and promote motorcycling through government relations, communications and media relations, statistics and research, aftermarket programs, development of data communications standards, and activities surrounding technical and regulatory issues. Visit the MIC at


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