Qwi Nerve Protector Motorcycle Gloves Review

Most motorcyclists have, at random times and for unexplained reasons, experienced periods of hand numbness while riding. We usually shake it out and carry on. This product is designed to alleviate the tingling that can disrupt and bring an early end to an otherwise enjoyable riding day.

Having spent time in hundreds of manufacturing plants around the globe, I’ve seen the effects of repetitive motion disorders (RMDs) on the hands of assembly workers. Repetitive motion work is not so different than the seated gripping, twisting and turning inputs of motorcycle control operation. Dr. Joseph Yao, an orthopedic surgeon, has treated many RMD cases, and in 2005 developed a unique glove designed to address the problem. Branded Qwi Nerve Protection, specialized gloves for motorcyclists followed. Qwi’s website provides interesting and informative details of medical research into hand numbness problems. Its online store offers nine styles of motorcycle gloves, all featuring Nerve Protection technology. Ordering was simple and the gloves arrived via first class mail in about three days.

I evaluated two models (Gauntlet Sport Motorcycle and Full Finger Spandex Top). Qwi’s Sport Motorcycle glove, $99 (size XL), fits well and measures 14.5 inches down the center. Made of soft but sturdy cowhide, it’s fully leather lined, with reflective piped padding in the knuckle and upper rear wrist areas. The palm incorporates Qwi’s padded nerve protection bands.

Gauntlet Sport Motorcycle Gloves
Gauntlet Sport Motorcycle Gloves

Hook-and-loop closures adjust at the rear of the wrist and the front lower gauntlet. The large gauntlet is designed to cover a motorcycle jacket sleeve. Neither insulated nor waterproof, the glove was adequately warm on cold riding days and resistant to light moisture.

Qwi’s Full Finger Spandex glove, $36, is wrist length and approximately 9 inches down the center. The palm and closure strap are made of pigskin leather. Nylon Spandex covers the wrist and the center of the rear fingers. I like the feel of knit fabric gloves, but it’s not the best material in the event of a crash or for resisting the cold and wet. XL was too large for me, so use Qwi’s sizing chart to get a good and tight initial fit. This glove has nerve protection padding bands in the palm and into the first joint of each finger.

Dr. Yao seems to have gotten it right; the design of the nerve protection pad in both gloves made a significant and positive difference in handlebar feel while riding cruisers, dual sports, touring machines and maxi scooters. The nerve protection pad placement provides handlebar grip without excessive clinch, thus avoiding direct pressure on the nerve. These gloves also work well for those who have shiny but slippery chrome grips.

Rider advises everyone who rides motorcycles to always wear gloves, and not just in cold weather. Qwi gloves are a viable option, providing hand protection along with unique comfort features. Qwi offers a 30-day satisfaction replacement or refund on purchases.

For more information: Call (877) 794-4263 or (870) 762-8075, or visit qwinerveprotector.com

(This Gear Lab review was published in the July 2013 issue of Rider magazine.)


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