Digital Online Service Manuals Available Through Cyclepedia Press

Cyclepedia Press creates digital online service manuals for motorcycle, scooters and ATVs. To create its manuals, the company strips a bike down and takes pictures during the process, then writes a service manual using all the factory specs, etc. The majority of the nearly 100 manuals currently available are for older bikes—the ones that most often need repairing. Cyclepedia Press’s philosophy is that by the time a motorcycle starts needing repair, they’ll probably have a manual for it online.
Both street and dirt bike manuals are available, with the most recent being for the 2004-2011 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom. One-year subscriptions start at $26.95.
Cyclepedia_DL650_3A Common Service Manual is available for free ( and is a work in progress, something the company updates whenever it comes across an interesting generic topic or a customer requests something. It’s free to anyone visiting the site, all they ask for is a name and an e-mail address for registration.
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