Reg Pridmore's CLASS 2013 is Underway

Reg Pridmore’s CLASS Motorcycle Schools 2013 season is underway and just finished up a special day last week at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca, with special guest rider and instructor World Champion Kevin Schwantz. It was a special lo:ratio day with a lot of CLASS instructors and a limited number of riders. Pre-qualification was that you had to have been to Reg’s CLASS before. The school sold out and by all accounts the day was a huge success. Reg looks forward to another one planned later in the year.

CLASS has a great spring and summer line-up planned with April dates at Streets of Willow and Sonoma (Sears Point), May and September D-Day Schools (2 days, 12 riders, 12 instructors, video and more) Virginia’s VIR in May and October, a MotoGP warmup with Laguna Seca in June, the amazingly twisty and fun Oregon Raceway Park on an August weekend and much more.

CLASS is now enrolling riders for all dates and can be reached in office and online to answer questions. Group and military discounts are available. Details can be found at and a complete schedule of events can be found at


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