Moto Guzzi USA and Hammerhead Industries Unveil the V7 Wayward Custom Design Bike

Moto Guzzi USA, the North American importer of the Piaggio Group’s Moto Guzzi motorcycle brand, teamed up with Philly-based Hammarhead Industries to unveil a new custom Moto Guzzi V7, the V7 Wayward, whose build platform is a Moto Guzzi V7 Café Classic. The new custom V7 Wayward was unveiled in New York City last week.

“The choice to collaborate with Hammarhead Industries was an easy one,” said Melissa R. MacCaull, vice president of marketing, Piaggio Group Americas. “Just like with Moto Guzzi, James Hammarhead and team create two-wheel works of art that fulfill a lifestyle need and want, with the right amount of vintage cool and modern flair.”

V7 Wayward engine.
V7 Wayward engine.

“The historic Moto Guzzi V7 vehicle range sparked our interest and proved to be the ideal platform for this project,” said James Hammarhead, founder, Hammarhead Industries. “The goal of the V7 Wayward was to create a Hammarhead bike that could take on the urban commute with appropriate functionality, break free for fast and light travel and ultimately enhance the rider’s experience.”

The V7 Wayward includes simplified bodywork for reduced weight, high flow K&N air filters, custom exhaust and remapped fuel injection, performance fork springs and rear shocks, mid-rise bars and wide footpegs for an upright riding position, 7-inch teardrop headlight shell housing a small speedometer, low profile, high visibility LED turn signals and two-inch round brake light, and wax cotton panniers with internal aluminum frame.

V7 Wayward gauges.
V7 Wayward gauges.

To learn more about the V7 Wayward and James Hammarhead’s inspiration, visit


  1. I often read Kevin Ashes site, as he was the clearest thinker in the moto journalism world. Moto manufacturers should have taken heed of his advice – his thoughts make more sense than their marketing strategies (or lack of them). Motorcycling has been under threat from authorities for decades, here in New Zealand we have punitive registration fees which are completely unaffordable for the low waged – even though we save a lot of traffic and parking congestion (to say nothing of fuel – all imported!). We were defrauded by a criminal ACC fee hike (later revealed to be financial smoke and mirrors). We know we take our lives in our hands when we ride – this makes us think about what we do, unlike most car drivers, who mope along like morons. When they try to pass, they’re dangerous – we do this easily and safely. Perhaps it’s the envy from those in power who couldn’t ride a bike to save their lives, and would be too scared to try. Maybe a TV reality series showing bike riding commuters in their daily battles?


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