Vectrix VX-1 Li Electric Police Bikes on Patrol at NYC 9/11 Memorial

Vectrix, a leader in two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles, motorcycles, and scooters, announces the deployment of new all-electric VX-1 Law Enforcement Model bikes for the New York Police Department (NPYD) at the NYC 9/11 Memorial Site. The new lithium-powered Vectrix VX-1 Li bikes join the original NYPD fleet of Vectrix VX-1s, which have been in service in Manhattan since 2007.

In addition, NYPD has also unveiled six clean energy Vectrix VX-2 50-cc equivalent scooters for Parking Enforcement patrols. Vectrix offers special electric Law Enforcement models for fleet agencies. In addition to low daily operating costs at literally pennies per shift, the Vectrix electric fleet bikes offer tremendous savings in reduced and deferred maintenance over the lifespan of each bike. Public safety agencies in the U.S. including the Washington D.C. U.S. Capitol Police Department, Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, New York Police Department, and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have deployed Vectrix electric bikes for patrols and enforcement.

“Vectrix is proud to not only have NYPD as a fleet customer, but to have them as a repeat customer means even more,” said Brian Buccella, Vectrix Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It is an honor and a privilege for Vectrix to be a part of the daily public safety initiatives at the NYC 9/11 Memorial Site.  Being electric, the Vectrix bikes can easily patrol in and around the crowds while providing quick response times without noisy and polluting emissions.”

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