Muc-Off Motorcycle Chain Doc

Santa’s sleigh is powered by reindeers and magic, not internal combustion. But in the off-season, when he’s ice racing or doing the occasional track day, Santa needs to keep his motorcycle chains in good working condition. That’s where Muc-Off Motorcycle Chain Doc ($59.95) comes in. Its easy-to-use mechanism clips over the chain, and heavy-duty rotating brushes rapidly remove heavy grime, including waterproof grease and chain wax. It is O/X/Z ring compatible and includes a 400ml bottle of Muc-Off Dry Chain Cleaner.

Muc-Off USA, (877) 456-7901,


  1. Can you please help in getting this Muc-off Chain Doc in INDIA.
    If there is a way to get this product delivered to INDIA, please provide me the shipping details and total cost.
    And I’ve also tried to find any alternative of such product here in INDIA but couldn’t find anything. Can you please share some details about alternatives of such chain cleaning products.
    Thank you in advance. Have a nice day!


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