New Gear: HeliBars Horizon HSTX Handlebar for Can-Am Spyder F3

HeliBars Horizon HSTX handlebar for Can-Am Spyder F3
HeliBars Horizon HSTX handlebar for Can-Am Spyder F3 allows riders more adjustment to dial in their comfort zone.

The HeliBars Horizon HSTX handlebar for Can-Am Spyder F3 from model years 2015-22 allows riders to move the handlebar position 1.5-5 inches taller than stock and 1-4.5 inches rearward toward the rider. This adjustment potential gives riders better control and comfort for a more individual fit.

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HeliBars has been making handblebars in America for more than 30 years. Based in Maine, the company is dedicating to helping riders find their perfect comfort zone. The company has bars available for most major manufacturers, and all products are backed up by a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This handlebar is great for short riders who want a shorter reach to the bar, and it’s also beneficial for taller riders to have the ability to dial in their preferred handlebar position. Compared to stock, the HSTX handlebar provides 30-degree forward and back wrist angle adjustment and fully adjustable reach. It works with OEM cables, wire looms, and hydraulic lines.

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Installation is simple and requires swapping out the lower bent mounting tube and leaving the controls attached to the stock handlebar tubes. Then, re-attach them to the new mounting pivot. An install video on HeliBars’ website makes walks viewers through each step.

This handlbar part is specific to the 2015-22 Can-Am Spyder F3 and cannot be used on other models. However, HeliBars also has bars for other Can-Am models available on its website.

The HeliBars Horizon HSTX is available for $629.


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