New Gear: Continental TKC 70 Adventure Motorcycle Tires

Continental TKC 70 Adventure Motorcycle Tires

Continental’s TKC 70 adventure motorcycle tires feature rugged off-road capability with balanced street performance. Combining the best of Continental’s TKC 80 and ContiTrailAttack 3 tires, the TKC 70s are made in Germany and have a speed index of 149 mph.

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These tires were designed to address complaints of the short wear-life of the more off-road-oriented TKC80 tires with a more street-oriented design ideal for larger-displacement ADV bikes. The TKC 70s have an 80% on-road and 20% off-road balance, making them perfect for light to medium trails.

The tread block pattern makes these tires quiet and stable on the road while providing good capability for off-road use. The Multi-Grip compound technology allows for different levels of hardness on the central tread and shoulder areas for both longevity and grip. Aggressive rain grooves add to the all-weather capabilities of the TKC 70 tires.

The Continental TKC 70 adventure motorcycle tires are available in a variety of sizes starting at $179.95, and they are eligible for Continental’s free 3-year roadside warranty.


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