Mustang Road Companion Bag Product Review

[This Mustang Road Companion Bag Product Review was originally published in the November 2011 issue of Rider magazine]

Mustang Road Companion BagMotorcycle luggage has certainly evolved, especially in the direction of versatility. If you’re like me, you never seem to have enough packing space on tour, and then when you’ve packed it—good luck in finding it. Or you’re worried about your bag coming loose and scattering your unmentionables over three counties. If these scenarios concern you, and you ride a cruiser, the Mustang Road Companion Bag could be the answer to your prayers.

This bag is versatile not only for the way in which it can be used, but also in how it attaches…and how other bags can attach to it. For starters, it’s made of a heavy black vinyl that strongly resembles leather, which surrounds a sturdy base to help it keep its shape. Use the big, sturdy handle on top for off-bike carrying, or the shoulder strap included. And the Companion is huge; its main compartment’s interior measures 15.5 inches high, 11.5 wide and 12.5 deep for a total capacity of 2,228 cubic inches. It may be accessed through the 8.0-inch wide central zip-open door in the back, or if that opening isn’t large enough, both end panels zip fully open for barn-door access.

To help separate your belongings the Road Companion stacks a pair of zippered compartments on each end, one above the other, each measuring a foot long by 7.0 inches high. They’re 2.5 inches deep, but just when you’re gruntin’ and trying to stuff that last little bit inside you notice that each of the four has an expansion panel that, when zipped open, extends its depth to 3.5 inches. With each compartment holding 294 cubic inches, the four of them add another 1,176 cubes to the bag for a total cubic capacity of 3,404.

The Road Companion may be attached to a luggage rack with the pair of straps and buckles, or around a sissybar/backrest with its wide hook-and-loop belt. If you’re riding solo, the bag may be turned around and placed on the rear portion of the seat where it can be utilized as a backrest.

Another example of its versatility are the two sets of three D-rings arranged on each side of the bag’s top. It just so happens that Mustang also offers a companion piece called the Sunsetter Bag ($119 plain, $129 with studs) that can be attached to the top. Or, just use the D-rings and the pair of included straps to attach your jacket or bag of your choice.

Everywhere the Mustang Road Companion exudes quality. It’s heavy and substantial. Each zipper is of the waterproof variety, yet with the heavy standard nylon rain cover provided it’s almost overkill. The only criticism I can offer is that when new the super-sealing zippers can be stiff in operation, though they will likely ease up with use. Now consider that the Road Companion sells for only $149 as shown, or $165 with studs, and it’s a heck of a deal.

For more information: Contact Mustang Motorcycle Seats at (800) 243-1392



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