Sidi Adventure Rain Boots Review

[This Sidi Adventure Rain Boots gear review was originally published in the March 2011 issue of Rider magazine]

Sidi Adventure Rain BootsAs their name implies, Sidi Adventure Rains are waterproof boots designed for adventure riding. Upon receiving a pair, I took them out of the box, tossed ’em in my gear bag and trundled off to Europe for the Edelweiss Alps Extreme Tour (Rider October 2010).

Immediately comfortable with no break-in needed, with good wool socks on they stood up well when riding in rain and below-freezing temperatures and while tromping around in snow, mud and manure during photo stops. Climbing around slippery hillsides was easy thanks to the hiking boot-style lugged sole, but on dual-sport rides back home, the soles dug in during tight, leg-out turns. For aggressive off-road riding, you might consider other Sidi boots, like the Charger or Crossfire, with smoother soles that allow sliding.

Adventure Rains provide plenty of protection against the banging, twisting and occasional crunching that comes with the variable terrain of adventure touring. They have a rigid, shock-resistant, anatomically shaped heel, a Single Flex System upper and an external malleolus (ankle) guard to protect all dem bones (toe bone connected to the foot bone, foot bone connected to the leg bone…). Lorica pads protect from shifter and brake lever abrasion. And beneath all of the plastic road-warrior plates is top-grain leather lined with a waterproof, breathable membrane.

Inside is a composite inner sole that resists side-to-side compression for better stability on the pegs. The removable arch support is water resistant and designed to handle high footpeg pressure, and an internal heel cup provides more insurance. Whether seated or standing, the Adventure Rains provide excellent grip and good feel on the pegs.

Despite their daunting, stormtrooper look, it’s easy to get in and out of the Adventure Rains. Sidi’s exclusive cam-lock buckle system is intuitive, and the buckles (along with other parts of the boot) are replaceable if they get thrashed or crashed. The slim design of these boots avoids the complexity of a separate bootie. Their synthetic Cambrelle lining is comfortable and wicks moisture, though on warm days or during aggressive riding, it’s hard to avoid swamp foot. The waterproof lining is breathable, but it’s easily overwhelmed. On hot days, your dogs will be panting and you’ll appreciate kicking them off at the end of a long ride.

If you’re an adventure rider, these boots will serve you well. They offer nearly as much protection as full-on motocross boots but with more comfort and less stiffness. Since adventure riding includes pavement riding, occasional hikes to see lava tubes or what-have-you, lunch stops and so forth, Adventure Rains are ideal. My only complaint is that they squeak when I walk! At $375 a pair they’re not cheap, but their quality and the ability to replace parts that get damaged make it money well spent. Sidi Adventure Rain boots come in black only and are available in men’s sizes 7-13 for $375.

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