Sedici Monza Leathers Review

[This Sedici Monza Leathers review was originally published in the September 2011 issue of Rider magazine]

Sedici Monza Leather JacketFor me, buying motorcycle leathers is a process fraught with indecision. Will they fit well? Will they be comfortable on a long ride? What about temperature extremes? And why are they expensive enough to always make these considerations important?

Cycle Gear sells quality apparel from other manufacturers, and has recently added its own line of protective riding kit to the company’s large array of motorcycle paraphernalia. Sedici is Cycle Gear’s exclusive new Italian-inspired line of protective wear. I’ve been riding in the new Monza series jacket/pants leather outfit lately and, compared to most, they are a bargain. Cycle Gear’s selection comes directly from the manufacturer and it passes the important cost differential on to the consumer…a nice touch.

I’m the type of rider who likes to be a hands-on buyer. I need to try things on, especially important and expensive size-critical things. Cycle Gear has 97 stores in 26 states, mostly in the South and West, so personal shopping may not be readily available for all riders. But not to worry.

Sedici Monza Leather PantsI’m always a bit apprehensive opening a shipping box wondering if the fit I ordered is correct. But buying the Sedici brand was easy since its sizing charts matched my actual jean and T-shirt sizes. The fit was perfect. They arrived snug enough to be comfortable but still easy enough to remove without help. Who among us hasn’t had leathers that required an assistant to peel off or were as baggy as elephant skin? I have both and, apparently, Cycle Gear has been listening to me muttering in my garage.

The jacket body and the pre-curved sleeves are cut long enough to protect my kidneys and wrists from the wind, and the pants are long enough to tuck into boots. The jacket and pants can be zipped together. Ventilation is adequate for the Southern California heat via mesh-airflow panels, and the full-grain, matte-finish, leather body sections are perforated. Armor is CE-approved and the jacket comes with a Chill-Guard quilted thermal liner that is removable. Nice touch for a chilly early morning ride back to the coast from the interior mountains last weekend. Leather is also doubled in critical areas like the pants seat, and the replaceable knee pucks are hook-and-loop secured.

Monza jacket sizes are men’s 38-52 and pants are sized men’s 28-42. Colors are black, red/black/silver, blue/black/silver, and white/black/silver…choose the one that matches your ride. The Sedici line also features apparel in sizes and cuts for women, and includes boots and gloves as well. Made in Pakistan, all Sedici gear has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Visit a local Cycle Gear store or ring them up for personal advice from a representative who rides. Cycle Gear is an employee-owned business and they wear what they sell.

For more information: See your local Cycle Gear store, the website at or call at (800) 292-5343





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