Icon Airframe Helmet Review

[This Icon Airframe Helmet review was originally published in Rider magazine]

I found a good way to see how well the venting system on my Icon Airframe helmet really works: Hair was still wet from the shower, vents were open and off to work I went in 47 degrees. Twenty-five miles later when I arrived at work with a very, very cold head, my assessment is that the vents work very, very well. And fortunately, they work just as well to keep my head warm when the vents are closed.

Icon Airframe Motorcycle Helmet
Icon Airframe Helmet

The padding in the Airframe is plush and there are no hot spots or places that bother me. My size XS helmet weighs 3.70 pounds which is just a tad heavier than my usual Arai. The liner and padding are one piece but you can still remove the cheekpads and helmet liner for washing. I’d recommend hand washing them so that they don’t get mangled in the washing machine. The inside liners also have a pattern to them that pick up a piece of the graphic from the helmet’s graphics. Obviously, you can’t see the attractive liners when you’re wearing the helmet, but I really like this added touch as opposed to the usual plain solid-colored liners—usually black or gray—in most of my other helmets.
This Airframe seems shorter at the base, so my neck gets more airflow—something I notice more in warm weather because I generally only wear a bandanna around my neck. When temps drop, I wrap my neck in a scarf or neck gaiter so this isn’t as noticeable. Wind noise is mild and, as with any helmet, I wear earplugs to protect my hearing. The Airframe has a rear spoiler for reduced wind buffeting.

The Regal Goth graphic has a black background with a fine gray leaf pattern and gray and red swirls. I get many compliments on the helmet, even from nonriders, who gush over how “gorgeous” and “splashy” the graphics are. The bad news is that these Regal graphics have been discontinued. The good news is that there are still some available for a discounted price. When I did a search in Google, several venues had them for $245, down from the original price of $330. There are also leftover Pewter versions of the Goth and a white-with-pink Lace in the Regal available. Of course, there are lots of other newer graphics in the Airframe to choose from. Icon offers some eccentric graphics like skulls and its “Apocalypse” Airframes, to name a few, along with some other unusual graphics, as well as solid colors. Airframes are DOT- and ECE-approved helmets. You can check them out www.rideicon.com.



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