Rapid Transit Stack LT Magnetic Tankbag Review

Review by Olaf Wolff
[This Rapid Transit Stack LT Magnetic Tankbag Review was originally published in the June 2008 issue of Rider magazine]

I’m a big fan of utility gadgets–you know, multiple functions crammed into a single unit, like a combination wine opener, cheese grater, radio and tire pressure gauge in a handy pocket tool. That’s why by the description I figured the Stack LT magnetic tankbag by Rapid Transit would be a Swiss Army knifelike tankbag, and for the most part it is.

With the Stack LT what you actually get is a 2-in-1 modular bag system, like two separate tankbags in one cleverly stackable bag. In its fully stacked glory (two halves zipped on top of each other) the Stack holds 1,773 cubic inches (29 liters) of stuff. It pretty much reaches my personal gas-tank storage limit in a single snazzy, tapered, aerodynamic bag design, while offering a good deal of sport-touring/commuting versatility at the same time. Completely filled, the Stack stands 15.8 inches tall.

The bottom portion of the bag is essentially the magnetic mounting pad (Scratchguard rubberized contact fabric), and roughly one-fifth of the total bag storage space with a map pocket. It’s the top portion of this modular bag where all the magic happens, though. It simply zips onto the bottom section, but frankly, I don’t see myself ever riding with only the bottom of the bag mounted. It looks (and is) fundamentally incomplete without the top of the bag in place.

Where the flexibility to separate the stackable bags pays dividends is when the included straps are attached and the top (main) portion of the Stack is transformed into a handy backpack, complete with a two-liter hydration system (sold separately). I found the backpack and hydration aspect to be particularly novel and useful.

Rapid Transit Stack LT Magnetic Tankbag
Rapid Transit Stack LT Magnetic Tankbag

The Stack LT also features an audio-ready pocket with a rubberized hole for routing headset wires. The utility gadget characteristics continue with a useable collection of features like eyewear hooks and an external cell-phone storage pocket with a transparent cover so I can see whose call I’m missing. There’s also a map window, a rain cover and at last count 10 individual zippered compartments.
The Stack LT is priced at $149.99, is made from wind- and water-resistant 1000D nylon, the magnetic mounting system keeps it firmly in place, and its rounded, softened edge appearance looks better carrying my stuff then the box-shaped bag I previously had mounted on my bike.

For more information see your Rapid Transit dealer or contact Sullivans, (800) 565-0017 or visit www.rapid-transit.com


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