Cortech DSX Denim Motorcycle Pants Review

Review by Troy Siahaan

[This Cortech DSX Denim Motorcycle Pants Review was originally published in the March 2008 issue of Rider magazine]

If you look inside my motorcycle closet (read: my house), you’ll find all sorts of different riding apparel. A few helmets here, some jackets there and riding pants sprinkled throughout. Some may call it clutter. I prefer to call it an organized mess.

You see, I know where everything is, and when it comes time for a photo shoot I’m usually prepared with my matching gear. However, when the cameras are not around, I prefer to ride in something a little more practical: helmet, jacket, gloves and…jeans, much to the chagrin of Editor Tuttle.

Not wanting to face the wrath of El Jefe every time I rode to work, a phone call was placed to the folks at Cortech. After explaining my plight, these DSX Denim Pants made their way into my collection. At first glance the DSX motorcycle pants look like your average pair of jeans–they’re constructed from 13.5-ounce denim, have the traditional five-pocket design, a single button fly, a zipper and belt loops. They even come sized like jeans, too. That’s where the similarities end, however. Unlike your everyday pair of jeans that don’t hold up well to asphalt and provide practically zero protection from road rash, the DSXs are lined with perforated Brazilian leather in impact zones and double stitched throughout to provide more abrasion resistance. The leather is then sandwiched by another layer of fabric to prevent chafing and to give the feel of real jeans while you’re wearing them–something Cortech says you won’t find in other motorcycling jeans. CE-approved armor is also provided, and fits into hook-and-loop-lined pockets in the knees.

The DSX jeans run true to size, so be honest with yourself if you decide to make the purchase. On the bike they feel just like jeans should–loose and comfortable. When in the riding position the pants do tend to rise up a little, leaving the ankles exposed if you’re not wearing riding boots.

Cortech DSX Denim Motorcycle Pants, back
Cortech DSX Denim Motorcycle Pants, back

The DSX jeans are a comfortable piece of clothing that make for a great pair of pants for the average commuter. They’re much more convenient than fastening buckles and zipping up panels on other pieces of riding gear, especially if you’re not going very far. But because they have a loose fit, I could never find a comfortable position to place the knee armor. I haven’t had a chance to give these jeans the ultimate test and, honestly, I don’t want to, but considering this is the one piece of motorcycle apparel that I wear most (other than my helmet), I do feel safe in these pants. They’re comfortable enough to wear everyday, have deep pockets, will protect in a fall, and best of all, are convenient. Oh, and having the boss’ blessing whenever I come into work now doesn’t hurt either. The jeans come in three washes–light, dark and black–and retail for $89.99.

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