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Sierra Nevadas: Three Days and Three Rides in California's Motorcycle Playground

web-MAIN-Capitol Rock

For most motorcyclists, riding the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California means cruising over passes like Ebbetts, Carson, Monitor, Sonora or Tioga, or visiting the great national parks like Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon. Preferring less-traveled roads, my trio of Sierra rides covers some of the overlooked mountain roads on the western side of the central and southern Sierras. In the late ...

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Exploring Historic Southern Arizona on a Honda CB500X

web-Black Mountains, Arizona

There is something about the Old West that appeals to romantics—myself included. Shoot-outs on Main Street, brothels with beautiful ladies, stagecoaches rushing along and keeping the highwaymen at bay…all depicted in famous films, many with John Wayne and Gary Cooper. The truth was a little less charming—few face-to-face shootouts, as a shot in the back was a safer option. And ...

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An Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure How-To

Alaska by Motorcycle_1257

Every adventurous motorcyclist dreams of riding to a far-off destination like Alaska on the spur of the moment; just drop everything and take off for a month or a year. If you’re not going on an organized tour, though, the reality requires some serious planning. Especially if you have just returned to motorcycling after a lapse of 28 years as ...

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Down To Downieville: Rural California Motorcycle Ride

Sierra Buttes_0022

My machine had been idle too long during a busy summer, occupied by matters far less important than riding, so I said to Cookie (Gwen’s father called her that and it stuck and I like it), “Let’s blow out of here on an overnighter to Downieville.” We’re fortunate to live in a place called Big Valley in the northeast corner ...

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The Cascade Loop: The Best of the Northwest

web-54-Whidbey Island-Northwest-Beach-Road

Riding a motorcycle in the Pacific Northwest is chock full of yin and yang. The sometimes long dreary winters feature predominantly gray skies and rain that lasts for weeks, but the summer months can be so crystal clear, with landscapes so spectacular, that it simply takes your breath away. At this time of the year, getting on the bike can ...

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Palouse Wheatland Treasures: Motorcycle Ride Through Washington

Fall…not my favorite verb, but definitely my favorite time of year for riding at the latitude where I live. Those of us who choose to ride “luggage challenged” bikes cannot find room to complain as tendrils of chilled air work through chinks in the cold-weather armor. It is a typical early fall day on the 47th parallel, where you wish ...

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Nevada’s Loneliest Road…and it isn’t U.S. 50

Cathedral Gorge_0101

U.S. Highway 50 across the breadth of Nevada is billed as the state’s loneliest road. Having traversed U.S. 50 numerous times, I have to disagree. U.S. Highway 93 down the eastern length of Nevada is nearly 200 miles farther and extends through as much emptiness and lonely towns as the former. But that doesn’t mean the route is devoid of ...

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The Olympic Peninsula: Travel in Northwest Washington

Victory on Hwy 101 02

Story and photos by Phil Buonpastore When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is look out the window. It’s a habit I’ve acquired since moving to the Seattle area. Given the sometimes long periods of cold and rainy weather from October to April, any clear day warrants an immediate change of plans to include getting ...

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