2024 Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X | First Look Review

2024 Triumph Speed 400 Triumph Scrambler 400 X

Triumph has announced that two all-new models featuring a single-cylinder, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine will join the company’s Modern Classics lineup for 2024. The 2024 Triumph Speed 400 joins the larger Speed Twin 900 and Speed Twin 1200, while the 2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X takes its design cues from the Scrambler 900 and Scrambler 1200, with an off-road pedigree that goes back to the first factory scramblers of the 1950s. 

Triumph says the new bikes are designed to deliver a “fun, agile, and confidence-inspiring ride for riders of all ages and experience levels.” 

2024 Triumph Speed 400 Triumph Scrambler 400 X

James Wood, Triumph’s global product marketing manager, said when unveiling the Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X that the company’s ambition with creating the small-bore bikes was to give a “whole new generation of riders the opportunity to own a Triumph.” 

“This means that the brief we stepped out to deliver on was all about creating a new 400cc capacity choice for our iconic Speed and Scrambler lineups,” he said. “These would, of course, need to be genuine Triumphs but even more accessible.” 

The New TR-Series Engine 

The new TR-Series engine is a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 398cc single-cylinder engine making a claimed 39.5 hp at 8,000 rpm and 27.7 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm and mated to a 6-speed gearbox, a slip/assist clutch, and chain final drive. 

2024 Triumph Speed 400 Carnival Red
2024 Triumph Speed 400 in Carnival Red

Wood said the “TR-Series” name was chosen to celebrate Triumph racing singles of the early 20th century: “Six Day Trial-winning machines that went on to inspire the TR-trophy racing bloodline of Singles and Twins that followed.” 

Technical highlights include a 4-valve, DOHC cylinder head and a crankshaft that has been weighted and balanced to optimize inertia for low-speed rideability, as well as a finger-follower valvetrain with a low reciprocating mass and DLC coatings that reduce friction. 

2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X Carnival Red Phantom Black
2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X in Carnival Red and Phantom Black

Triumph says the new engine delivers “responsive, fun, and characterful power delivery along with an evocative, rich, and distinctive exhaust note.” 

2024 Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X 

2024 Triumph Speed 400
2024 Triumph Speed 400
2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X
2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X

Wood said a key part of the company’s planning with the new range was to “really understand what riders want and value in this world.” 

“What riders have told us is that style matters a great deal to them, thereby it must be beautiful, but it also must be authentic,” he said. “They want something that’s very easy to maneuver, with a height that they feel comfortable on and in control of, and to have a ride that is unintimidating and fun but that also comes with a responsive, usable plan for power delivery, plus a great sound. On top of all that, they demand a very high level of quality and reliability, preferably from a brand with credibility and desirability, and of course, all for a price that represents genuine value for money.” 

2024 Triumph Speed 400
2024 Triumph Speed 400

Beyond the new TR-Series engine, the Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X share some of the latest rider-focused technology tailored to suit each model, including throttle-by-wire, switchable traction control, and Bosch dual-channel ABS, which can be deactivated on the Scrambler 400 X when riding off-road. 

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Dual format instruments feature a large analog speedometer and an integrated LCD screen that includes a digital tachometer, fuel range remaining, and a gear indicator. The display is also pre-enabled to show the status of accessory heated grips, if fitted, and there is a USB-C charging port. 

2024 Triumph Speed 400 Triumph Scrambler 400 X

Both the Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X benefit from a slim standover with an accessible seat height of 31 inches on the Speed 400 and 32.9 inches on the Scrambler 400 X and low weights of 375 lb and 395 lb, respectively. Both models also have their own model-specific chassis, with a new frame, bolt-on rear subframe, and cast-aluminum swingarm paired with suspension set-ups tailored to each use. 

2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X
2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X

The Speed 400 features a 43mm inverted fork offering 5.5 inches of travel, a monoshock rear suspension unit giving 5.1 inches of travel, lightweight 17-inch wheels, and roadster-specific geometry and wheelbase, all of which Triumph says offer “an engaging and intuitive ride along with a comfortable, neutral riding position that inspires confidence for riders of all sizes and skill levels.” Stopping power comes from a 4-piston radial front brake caliper with a 300mm front disc and braided lines and a floating caliper and 230mm disc in the rear.  

2024 Triumph Speed 400
2024 Triumph Speed 400

The Scrambler 400 X features a longer wheelbase than the Speed 400 (55.8 inches vs. 54.2 inches), longer travel suspension (5.9 inches front and rear), and a larger 320mm front brake disc. A larger 19-inch front wheel and a wide handlebar provide greater stability and control when riding on loose surfaces. It also has a more upright riding position, and the larger cast steel brake pedal and high-grip footpegs are positioned lower and wider for a more natural standing riding position when riding off-road. 

2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X
2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X
2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X
2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X

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Triumph Design DNA with Contemporary Poise 

Stuart Wood, Triumph’s chief engineer, said at the unveiling that it was more than just the specifications. “We’ve put our heart and soul into setting these bikes up to give you all the character and performance you expect from us,” he said. “So they’re really fun bikes, really great response, a little bit more power than the others as well. They really are fun to ride.” 

However, Triumph says that both bikes are still “instantly recognizable.” Traditional touches, like the distinctive finned cylinder head and traditional exhaust header clamps, combine with contemporary details like the upswept silencer, graphics, and “sensitively incorporated technology,” such as concealed liquid-cooling and a flowing exhaust with a hidden primary silencer. They also feature the trademark black powder-coated engine casings, tough gold anodized forks, and high-quality paint and logo detailing. 

2024 Triumph Speed 400 Caspian Blue
2024 Triumph Speed 400 in Caspian Blue

The Scrambler 400 X’s all-road attitude is accentuated by protection for the headlight, radiator, and sump, as well as handguards, a handlebar brace with pad, and a longer front fender. 

2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X Matte Khaki Green Fusion White
2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X in Matte Khaki Green and Fusion White

The 2024 Triumph Speed 400 will be offered with three two-tone paint schemes – Carnival Red, Caspian Blue, and Phantom Black – each featuring a prominent Triumph tank graphic. 

2024 Triumph Speed 400 Phantom Black
2024 Triumph Speed 400 in Phantom Black

The Scrambler 400 X is also available in three color schemes, each featuring Triumph’s distinctive Scrambler tank stripe and triangle badge: Matte Khaki Green and Fusion White, Carnival Red and Phantom Black, and Phantom Black and Silver Ice options. 

2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X Phantom Black and Silver Ice
2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X in Phantom Black and Silver Ice


James Wood said the bikes are the result of a “major five-year collaboration” with Bajaj Auto in India. 

“Based on Triumph’s concept and design, Bajaj has worked hand-in-hand with our engineering team here in Italy to add that expertise in large-scale efficient and cost-effective manufacturing to our leading engineering and design capabilities.” 

Wood added that the bikes will be built by Triumph factories in Thailand and Brazil, as well as Bajaj Auto in India, where both models will launch starting in July 2023. They will be on sale in all other markets in early 2024.

The 2024 Triumph Speed 400 will be priced at $4,995 for all colors, and the 2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X will be priced at $5,595 for all colors.

For more information, visit the Triumph website

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  1. Very disappointed . 1965 triumph made a smooth running twin cylinder , low seat ( 29 inches)
    500 cc bike. Single cylinder ( thumper) no mention of vibration. 31.9 seat height.
    Not good for older or shorter riders. Triumph did not listen . Have ridden Triumphs
    For 60 years. Looking for 400+ CC get around bike. Looks like Kawasaki.

    • they did! it’s called the Triumph Scrambler 400x! put some aggressive tires on it and take it wherever you want to go! in my opinion the market is freakin SATURATED with ADV bikes right now. This is a breath of fresh air and already have my deposit down waiting for January!

  2. Put a broader mud flap like the bullet. The back portion in new bikes are flimsy and cannot so well prevent the mud slush from coating the rider at the back. Make the rear portion look solid and the look will be more complete. India and similar countries use their bikes more in rural areas. Rain is also plenty. The rear rider should not be perched at the top. In case of accidents they will fly over the rider hurting them and land in front of the vehicles Rest like style features are perfect.

  3. Triumph 400 not for me, I was hoping it would be like the 60s Triumph 21, 350-400cc twin but with a bit of off road options. I remember someone years ago out that 350 twinmotor in a Greece’s real bike frame and I wanted one like but never had the money when I was only 16 years old. Looks like i’ll be keeping my DL 650.

  4. I like them. One of these days, my Thruxton may become too much for me. If and when that happens, the Speed 400 will be on my short list.

    Reasonable weight and seat height. Counterbalanced water-cooled motor. Tubeless tires and Triumph aesthetics.

  5. I think they look great! Although I’ve rode a few larger motorcycles over the last 30+ years, I’ve always preferred smaller bikes in the 250-500cc range. These bikes are really appealing to me, and I could definitely see buying one from the local Triumph dealer.

  6. The forward fuel tank bolt must have fallen out because the fuel tank is mounted at an odd forward tilt. Surprising they would design a bike looking like this.

  7. All you detractors don’t know which side your bread is buttered. Triumph’s advance details point to a good all-rounder of a bike. If you seek to show-off hammering up and down your local streets on the back wheel you certainly do not deserve any Triumph. The Speed 400 is the one for me – Ian F [Kent].

  8. I am excited about these new models!!! I I had a 650 dual purpose 1967 Triumph and it was a ton of fun but heavy for off road. I currently have a 2015 America Lt love it for touring and everyday but I have wanted a smaller Triumph scrambler to go exploring around on and this sounds like a great fit for me!

  9. Once more, a manufacturer follows style rather than function. The designers gave it 5″ of rear wheel travel, but what looks like 12″ of clearance. The rear portion of the seat is kicked upward. A claimed seat height of 31″, but the rider has to swing a leg over the additional 4″ of the passenger seat height. The flat rear mudguard does not look like it would offer much protection on wet roads, either.

  10. Actually not a bad looking bike, but I hate the current style of a HUGE gap between the rear wheel and seat pan. The passenger sits so much higher, and you have to lift you leg over a much greater distance – makes it harder for us old guys ;- 0. Drop that seat to a straighter line, put dual rear shocks on it, a high mount scrambler exhaust, and I’d be heading to my local Triumph dealer.

  11. It looks nice, After 65 years of riding i am mountain touring on a KLX300SM, an amazing light fun bike, an addional 100 cc’s could be something to consider plus ABS, tho the KLX never lacks power in my opinion, really, how fast can you really go on those little twisties.

  12. Reading these comments makes me chuckle. A bargain basement bike and people are complaining about everything from A to Z. As the old saying goes, “Some people would complain if you hung ’em with a new rope.”

  13. I waited for Honda to release a Scrambler for several years after Ducati re-introduced the Scramblers in 2015. I test rode the Duc and almost pulled the trigger, but the price of the Ducati keeps me away. I figured Honda would be the one and then they came out with the SCL 500. ” No thank you” is the bottom line for that one. I went to sit on one and was so turned off by the rock hard seat, foot peg placement, narrow handlebars, and not nice Orange color for 8K OTD my only response was to leave the dealer. Triumph has a terrific looking 400 X the way I see it. It has a special attraction which is inviting and attention getting. Can’t wait to see and sit on one. I hope the price is right. I am thinking maybe Biketoberfest in Daytona may have a sneek peak as I am going to look for it. I say “good job Triumph” with this great looking Scrambler 400X!

  14. Fuel tank is too small. 3 gallons usable then .43 reserve . I need at least 200 miles before reserve. IF it gets 66+ mpg at 70 mph maybe, but I doubt it will. Add in a head wind maybe some luggage you will be looking for fuel every 2 hours. To be honest 200 mile range rules out high percentage of current bikes for sale

  15. Exactly what I wanted. I’ve always loved scramblers any finally my riding habits fit buying one (as a second to my Tiger 800). I was frustrated with the Triumph and Ducati big cc scramblers – I just don’t want to “scramble” on something like that. I know a lot are saying they want a little more power, and I wouldn’t mind 2 cylinders, 50-100 cc more and 10 more hp. What experienced rider wouldn’t? But that pulls away from the entry level people. And a bigger bike means more weight, and a higher price. I love the classic looks. I prefer the aluminum wheels. It’s scrambler, not a dirt/adventure bike. The extra durability of spokes means more weight and hassle changing flats. I’d rather plug, pump, and go. Crossing my fingers that they price this no more than $6500.



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