New Gear: SW-Motech Bar Back Variable Handlebar Risers

SW-Motech bar back variable handlebar risers

Since comfort becomes a priority when traveling over long distances, ergonomics play a huge role in a motorcyclist’s enjoyment, and SW-Motech adds comfort to your longer trips with its Bar Back Variable handlebar risers.

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CNC-milled from high-quality aluminum alloy and featuring corrosion protection, the Bar Back Variables allow you to adjust your handlebar for a more upright and relaxed riding position.

Depending on the handlebar diameter and bike, they raise the bar from 25-30mm and include six different positions in increments of 5mm for plenty of adjustment options.

SW-Motech bar back variable handlebar risers
SW-Motech bar back variable handlebar risers in Silver

The SW-Motech Bar Back Variable handlebar risers are available in Black, Silver, or Anthracite for handlebar diameters of 22/28/32mm for $217.95 on the SW-Motech website.


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