ARCH Motorcycle Launches New 1s Model | First Look Review

ARCH Motorcycle 1s

After considerable anticipation, ARCH Motorcycle, the Los Angeles-based bespoke production motorcycle company co-founded by designer director Gard Hollinger and actor Keanu Reeves, today announced the official launch of its new ARCH 1s model.

In a press release announcing details of the 1s, ARCH representatives said the bike “represents an evolution helping to define industry categories in the motorcycle world, mixing ARCH’s one-of-a-kind performance cruiser formula with an aggressive riding position to create a Sport Cruiser.”

ARCH Motorcycle 1s

The ARCH 1s is the second offering from ARCH following the acclaimed KRGT1 model, and it is the company’s first production single-sided swing-arm motorcycle.

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The 1s also debuts new mid-controls for a more aggressive riding position and handling, while featuring the 124ci (2,032cc) ARCH/S&S V-twin downdraft fuel injected engine producing a claimed , complemented by an ARCH designed exhaust system, and a carbon fiber fuel cell integrating the air intake and filtration system. In fact, according to the ARCH Motorcycle website, Carbon fiber is used extensively throughout the 1s, providing a lighter, more agile riding experience on a bike with a dry weight of 563 pounds.

ARCH Motorcycle 1s

“We’re very excited to officially introduce the new ARCH 1s. With the help of our entire team and many amazing partners, we believe we’ve crafted something truly special for riders to experience and are proud to finally see it out there on the road,” Hollinger said in the press release. “The 1s beautifully merges American cruiser-inspired elegance and race-inspired performance – a concept we’ve worked to design, build, test, refine, and deliver since its initial reveal. I’m proud and honored that we have this opportunity to share the new 1s model with the world.”

ARCH Motorcycle 1s

ARCH co-founder Keanu Reeves said the company had just celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, “yet it feels like only yesterday that I put forth the idea of starting a motorcycle company with Gard.”

“It is incredible to see how far we’ve come in such a short period – from the KRGT-1’s amazing reception to the new 1s as our second model,” Reeves added. “And that’s a real testament to our talented design and build teams and their ability to produce something that fulfills ARCH’s ambitions for what a motorcycle company can bring in architecture, style, elegance, and overall experience.”

ARCH Motorcycle 1s

The ARCH experience includes a bespoke, handcrafted approach across their motorcycle lineup. All owners are met with directly to ensure their bike’s design and ergonomics are tailored accordingly. Orders for the new ARCH 1s are now available for riders nationwide at the price of $128,000 per build. For inquiries, please visit the ARCH Motorcycle contact page. More information on the new ARCH 1s and ARCH Motorcycle’s bespoke production motorcycle lineup are available at the ARCH Motorcycle website.

ARCH Motorcycle 1s

ARCH Motorcycle 1s Specifications


ARCH proprietary S&S Cycle T124 twin cam; 124ci (2,032cc); 45-degree downdraft fuel injected V-Twin

Max torque: 121.77 @ rear wheel (claimed)


ARCH proprietary 6-speed drivetrain w/ custom compact high torque mainshaft


Primary: ARCH proprietary Bandit dry belt w/ compact clutch basket

Final: right-side 530 O-ring chain


Frame: ARCH tube & billet steel w/ billet aluminum structural members

Swingarm: billet aluminum w/ titanium axle adjusters


Front: Öhlins inverted 48mm; fully adjustable

Rear: Öhlins single shock w/ reservoir and hydraulic preload adjustment; fully adjustable


BST ultralight carbon fiber

Front/Rear: 3.5 x 17 inches / 8.5 x 17 inches


Front: Michelin Pilot Power 3 120/70ZR17

Rear: Michelin Pilot Power 3 240/45ZR17


Bosch anti-lock braking (ABS) system

Front: dual ISR 6-piston monoblock radial-mount calipers; dual ISR floating dampened discs

Rear: single ISR 4-piston monoblock radial mount caliper; ISR two-piece discs


High-output adaptive LED headlamp w/ integrated high beam, low beam Bar end LED front turnsignals ARCH cove-reflective LED tail light


ARCH proprietary competition-grade TFT LCD digital instrumentation by AiM Sports


Rake/Trail: 25.15 degrees/4.02 in.

Wheelbase: 65.4 in.

Seat height: 31.5 in.

DRY WEIGHT: 563 lb


Each ARCH 1s can be tailored to enhance ride comfort and performance, including ergonomics packages specific to rider dimensions.


  1. 128 thousand? Billet and carbon fiber, titanium and proprietary bits. How about build a nice motorcycle that’s not out of everybody’s price range?

  2. Another oversize 45 degree V twin. Just what the US market doesn’t need. It’s made for the toy market. A mid size triple might inspire broader interest but I guess it’s a rich mans plaything. Props for running real suspension.

  3. This bike represents France, Germany, South Africa, Sweden and depending on where all their proprietary parts are made, about the only item that is made here in the USA is the engine – very disappointing. I have to agree with other comments here, it’s way out of my league.

  4. I understand where they are coming from. Butttttt. Things have changed fast in
    Motorcycles. Younger group not into it. Older group Me and Vickie want to keep riding . Down sizing in CC’s and lighter weight bikes. Was hoping a light nimble
    Quick stripped bike was in store for the masses. Think those bikes would bring in
    A varied group. A $128,000 bike I’m sure has to be awesome to ride. But with
    Economy tanking it’s a hard sell even for the rich.

  5. He building the bike he wants to build. Not everyone can afford a Singer Porsche 911 or a Monet painting……doesn’t mean the artist shouldn’t create. Market determines price not the buyer….

  6. I can’t even afford to look at one, let alone buy one. 3 of them are worth more than my house. That’s just unreal, and unrealistically expensive and cost-prohibitive to most people in the real world.


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