Honda Announces 2023 Gold Wing Family

2023 Honda Gold Wing
2023 Honda Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT in Candy Ardent Red

Despite concerns by some that Honda would be discontinuing its popular flagship Gold Wing motorcycle – perhaps precipitated by the announcement in July that the Gold Wing Road Riders Association was closing its doors – the company recently announced the return of the Gold Wing family for 2023.

2023 Honda Gold Wing
2023 Honda Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT

Slated to be available in November, the new Gold Wings will comes in four different trims, three of which feature Honda’s exclusive Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).

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2023 Honda Gold Wing Family

With its hefty liquid-cooled 1,833cc horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine, the 2023 Honda Gold Wing still boasts all the features touring riders have grown to love, including throttle-by-wire, four riding modes (Tour, Sport, Econ, and Rain), Honda Selectable Torque Control (Gold Wing Tour models only), Hill Start Assist, optimized cruise control, and electronically controlled combined braking system with ABS. Gold Wing DCT and Tour DCT models feature Walking Mode for creeping forward and backward and saving curb weight through the absence of a reverse idle shaft.

2023 Honda Gold Wing
2023 Honda Gold Wing Tour in Black

In 2021, a number of audio improvements were incorporated, including richer sound, optimized automatic volume-adjustment level, and a standard XM radio antenna, and Android Auto integration joined Apple CarPlay integration. Speakers that had been upgraded to 45 watts in 2021 were bumped again in 2022 to a 55-watt rating.

2023 Honda Gold Wing
2023 Honda Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT

The Gold Wing’s trunk was also upgraded in 2021 and now holds 61 liters – enough for two full-face helmets – which makes for a combined 121 liters of storage including the saddlebags.

2023 Honda Gold Wing
2023 Honda Gold Wing DCT in Matte Gray

Pricing and color options for the 2023 Honda Gold Wing are summarized below:

  • 2023 Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT: Candy Ardent Red (MSRP $32,900)
  • 2023 Gold Wing Tour DCT: Black, Candy Ardent Red (MSRP $29,600)
  • 2023 Gold Wing Tour: Black, Candy Ardent Red (MSRP $28,600)
  • 2023 Gold Wing DCT: Matte Gray (MSRP $25,600)

For more information, visit the Honda website.


  1. I have a 2022 goldwing on order and can’t get it. Latest delivery date I received was Nov. 29. Are you saying I can get a 23 before I can get a 22. What is the deal with Honda on these deliveries. Have checked with several dealers and all say same thing. Can’t get them.

    • Hi Don, as a dealer, I can confirm this issue as you have found out. Due to continued logistics issues and plant closures around the world that both produce the bikes and parts for the bikes continual delays are still happening. We have had three 2022 models pushed back twice, and now are showing late Oct delivery. If your dealer already had theirs on order and was confirmed, that is probably the case for them as well. Regarding the 2023 models, despite what this article is saying from what they got from the Honda press release, it is more than likely orders will be taken on the new 2023 in the first two weeks of Oct, and then will be confirmed by the end of the month with “maybe” one unit per dealer getting released by late November if as Honda says they have already processed their pre-dealer order to the factory in Japan so that they could have a few examples of the 2023 in the states by November. More than likely we are only talking about probably 100 or so units which have to be spread over 800 dealers across the USA. So probably only 1 in 8 dealers will even get one. Usually based on their current stock and their previous sales performance. So if your dealer like us is a larger street unit seller, they might get at least one in the initial launch. Honda will probably dictate the color as they have been doing now for the last 2 years due to limited availability. So you either love it or leave it. And more than likely it will be a DCT version since they are pushing that more than the manuals. Better chance of getting your 2022 by late Oct at this point. The real stock of 2023s probably won’t hit until next spring of 2023. Hope that helps! Cheers. K.Dunn, GM, Capital Powersports, Wake Forest.

    • Try KD cycle in Alabama (256) 490-0039. There family owned and great service. Will deliver almost anywhere. Purschased our 2022 Goldwing with Roadsmith trIke kit. We love it and them only a few weeks. When arrived by there contracted transporter, it was like christmas. The GW color blue was so beautiful!

    • Do you know, I could not get cranberry juice in the Walmart today. This country is coming to ruination. Can I get some grow seeds for a cranberry tree?

  2. Don, I have a feeling that “Slated to be available in November…” is a whole lot different than “come pick one up at your local Honda dealer in November”…

  3. Honda says the Goldwing will be produced until 2028 or 2029, when it will be discontinued completely. Hard to believe, but whose to say what Honda will do for a replacement. Maybe a Super Goldwing, like the navy when they introduce an upgraded and improved version of their fighter jets, like Super Tomcat, Super Hornet etc. Some food for thought.

    • Can you provide the source of your information?
      Sounds like just a repeat of a lot of speculation posted on various forums with no facts to support it.
      Honda has never provided that amount of information on their models into the future…..

  4. Well I’m delighted that Honda is continuing the famous Gold Wing line, and that the rumors of discontinuing have proven unfounded. I wish they’d produce the blue again in 2023 though, that is some kind of beautiful color on this bike!

  5. To heck with the gold wing and it’s DCT and innumerable electronic driver aids! Give us the LONG LONG Overdue 1800 cc Valkyrie, in original Cruiser styling, not that high tech wannabe that was such a styling flop from almost a decade ago. THAT would sell!

    • Here here brother, I’m from the UK and lucky enough to have a 1998 Valkyrie Tourer. What a bike! I’ve had lots of motorcycles over the last 50 years, but love riding the Valk more than any of them. If Honda would only do a naked power cruiser bases on the new wing, but all exposed engine, like the early Valkyrie’s. Now that would be a head turner. Wow, if only!!!

  6. Nice rear end (baby),
    but the face is way too wide.
    I was noticing that on the few Goldwings I saw over
    my three-day ride in NM/Arizona. “Gosh, that is ugly. But
    I KNOW they have GREAT rear ends. ”
    For decent, think the front view of maybe a 1992 Kawi Concours.
    As I recall, they worked pretty well too.

  7. Does anyone really need, or use all of the extra electronic goodies? Seems like using some of them would result in distracted driving, and take away from the enjoyment of riding. I love my 2010 Goldwing and would not trade it for the new $28,600 version.

    • I took possession of my 2018 Goldwing dct on April 26 of 2018. I am 76 years young and not willing to give up any of so called “electronic goodies”. Not going backwards to “the good old days “. I have never enjoyed a motorcycle more than this one!!! And that goes back 60 years! 😎👍👌

  8. This bike is Nothing of what a Goldwing stands for! It is light weight, slimmer, nimble and has a sport mode button. This thing is an upgrade to the ST1300- The new 2018+ ST1800 skinny trans sport bike

  9. It’s great that we have such a large option of motorcycles to choose from, there is a motorcycle available that should satisfy almost everyone. I do think they should rename the goldwing to winnebago on 2 wheels! Just a little humor here and don’t go off and get offended.

  10. I still have my 97 1500 with only 58,000 mi on it. I use it every day in the summer time because it gets awful. Cold and snowy up here in the winter starts up every time for me even though it is a little cold-hearted

  11. I have a 2002 Escapade trailer for sale in Reno, NV. Fully lined trunk with luggage bag, cooler on tongue with leather cover, like new condition, red. $3,000. 951-282-0190

  12. I purchased a 2010 Wing in 2018 with 18,400 miles on it from an excellent Canadian dealer. It doesn’t see alot of high mileage as we run a 2003 FJR as well.
    Both bikes are still running strong and will likely will do so for some time.
    I guess I will never get to ride the finale generation of Goldwing until well into my 80’s at this rate.
    I have fellow riders with Wings and FJR’s with over 200,000 miles.
    All you have to do is maintain them and your Golden 🙂
    I still haven’t used all the buttons on this thing……
    Looking at new stuff is always fun until you find out what your current trade in value is.

  13. Honda needs to supplement the Gold Wing lineup with the return of the VTX 1300 and 1800. An excellent cruiser, with great gas mileage and comfort. The Tourer model had plenty of power even with a trailer attached.


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