Harley-Davidson Unveils the Low Rider El Diablo

Low Rider El Diablo

Last year, Harley-Davidson launched its limited-edition Icons Collection, which revisits classic models or design themes and reimagines them using contemporary platforms, with the stunning Electra Glide Revival. The Motor Company has unveiled the second model in the collection, the Low Rider El Diablo. It will be a limited one-time build of only 1,500 serialized bikes.  

The Low Rider El Diablo is based on the popular Low Rider ST that mimics the characteristic style of the 1983 FXRT.

Low Rider El Diablo

“It embodies the spirit of counterculture in Southern California in the ‘80s in a contemporary package that features meticulously crafted custom paint and pinstripe trajectories that nod directly to those of the original FXRT,” said Brad Richards, H-D’s Vice President of Design and Creative Director. 

What makes this limited-edition model pop is the detailed paint scheme hand-applied by the artisans at Gunslinger Custom Paint in Golden, Colorado. Layers of El Diablo Bright Red, Bright Red Sunglo, El Diablo Dark Red, Dark Red Pearl, and El Diablo Dark Red Metallic give this motorcycle a depth of color that makes it stand out from the crowd.  

Harley-Davidson Low Rider El Diablo

The El Diablo is built on Harley-Davidson’s Softail chassis and the Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin powertrain augmented with a Heavy Breather intake and a 2-into-2 offset shotgun exhaust. It’s claimed to produce 125 lb-ft of torque.  

Factory-installed audio fits perfectly within the fairing and is designed for quality sound. Riders can connect the audio to their mobile device to enjoy the 5.25-inch woofers and 250-watt amplifier. The audio features the Automatic Volume Control which adjusts volume based on vehicle speed. 

Like the standard Low Rider ST, El Diablo features lockable and removable clamshell saddlebags with a combined 1.9 cubic feet of storage capacity, a 43mm inverted fork with dual disc front brakes, and Michelin Scorcher tires. Cruise control and ABS are standard equipment. 

The Low Rider El Diablo will reach authorized Harley-Davidson dealers this fall with an MSRP of $27,999, approximately $6,000 more than the standard LR-ST.  

Following the impressive 2021 Electra Glide Revival, which was inspired by the 1969 Electra Glide, the first Harley-Davidson available with an accessory “batwing” fairing, and the 2022 Low Rider El Diablo inspired by the 1983 FXRT, we look forward to seeing what iconic bike Harley plans to revamp in 2023. 


  1. One of my first new bikes was an 82 Honda 750 Nighthawk. Later on I had hard bags and front fairing put on about 88. This bike looks just like it! Although Honda engineers managed to have pipes on both sides.Always a better way to go.Syoll love some Harleys don’t get it twisted. I’m just staying home lost this company is for direction and the times. They can not force this new generation into our old style. Those that are buying big bikes are all BMW and Triumph my way. Also seeing a redirection in thumpers single cylinder joy riders hour here hour there and bikes sit all day. If Harley wants to survive and God am I pulling for them they need a single and some bare bone bikes you can build to what you want them to be for the purists. As far as electric goes I’m not a fan but it’s here. The ego is killing this brand. Change or die is bottom line.

  2. It’s almost impossible to get a low rider st let alone this bike. For those that are lucky enough, I’m sure there will be a BIG premium if they ever want to sell it.

  3. $6G’s is a lot of cash for some paint. I have a hard time associating HD with any kind of counter culture, it’s not 1960 anymore. Riding a HD with all the get up and trimmings is about as mainstream as you can get in the US motorcycling world apart from the Touratech catalog BMW folks. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what they make and the essence of their product, but they play into the jokes with the ‘diablo’ nonsense. It’s about as authentic as the GSA riders who only log a few k’s per year. Do your thing and enjoy but there is a not so fine line between authentic and parody.

  4. Man.. this scooter is bad ass. I was one of the lucky ones and got one of the first FXLRST. The bike is solid. I could see myself rolling with the El Diablo. Anyone grabbing a low rider st or El Diablo will not be disappointed . Roll safe.

  5. I on the other hand love this and the ST range. I’m staying vtwin and aim to own one of these models in the near future.

    This or a street glide? Or maybe the road glide? CVO? Lol Harley all day anyway 💯


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